Mar 162020

Canseco’s Market at Oak & S. Carrollton (via Facebook)

Uptown is blessed with many excellent restaurants. The sudden closure of their dining rooms is necessary for public health but will be hard on the talented and hard-working staff of these establishments.

Luckily, we don’t have to deprive ourselves of the food we’ve grown to love and depend on during our confinement. Many of our local restaurants are offering to-go and delivery options with precautions for social distancing.

Below is a list of Uptown eateries and other businesses with information on which are delivering, which are offering take-out and which have decided to close for a while — plus information to help you treat yourself while giving your neighborhood restaurants a needed boost. Continue reading »

Mar 292020

NOPD officers have obtained an arrest warrant for Cecil Spencer, 38, in connection with a second-line parade that violated the mandates in place during the current public health crisis.

The leader of the band playing during the gathering, tuba player Clifton Smith, was issued a summons for his participation in the event. Continue reading »

Mar 292020

The St. Charles streetcar is scheduled to come along every 36 minutes. (RTA photo)

Beginning Sunday (March 29) in response to COVID-19 pandemic, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority is further reducing its service. Some routes will remain on a Saturday schedule,  other lines will run less frequently and some routes will be eliminated during the coronavirus crisis.

In addition, the RTA will waive transit fares for bus, streetcar and ferry service until further notice. Continue reading »

Mar 282020

Sign on the door of the Breaux Mart in Chalmette is attributed to “Jeffrey at Chalmette store.” (via Twitter)

The Breaux Mart at 3233 Magazine St., along with the others in the local supermarket chain, will be closed Sunday (March 29) to give its employees a rest, according to posts on the store’s social media accounts. Continue reading »

Mar 282020

Clerk Chelsey Richard Napoleon announces FREE complimentary subscriptions to the Remote Access system, including civil records and land records.

This will allow the public the flexibility of anytime, anywhere and anyplace access to information in both the Civil and Land Records divisions. Current subscribers will receive a complimentary extension. Continue reading »

Mar 282020

Beginning Monday (March 30), Hands On New Orleans, in partnership with World Central Kitchen, is launching the Serving Seniors Program to provide free meal delivery service to home-bound, low-income seniors and chronically ill residents, who are at a greater risk of severe illness if exposed to the coronavirus. And they need volunteers. Continue reading »

Mar 272020

By Kristine Froeba, opinion columnist

The PJ’s on upper Magazine Street is taking call-in orders. (Kristine Froeba)

COVID-19 can live up to eight hours on cardboard takeout boxes and up to 72 on Styrofoam containers, straws, cups and plastic bags, says a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine. Airborne droplets can linger in the air for three to four hours after a person has coughed or sneezed.

What does that mean for locals who are supporting our beloved local restaurants and coffee shops? It means risk. Takeout and curbside service is a risk to the health of the workers and the customers, but how much?

That’s a question no one can answer yet. It may be a question some would prefer to ignore or deny. Continue reading »

Mar 262020

Bars with kitchens, like Cure on Freret Street, are not allowed to sell via take-out or delivery under the COVID-19 restrictions. (Google Maps)

By Sharon Lurye, Uptown Messenger

While some bars in New Orleans hoped they could survive the economic fallout of COVID-19 by selling alcohol to-go, city and state officials have clarified that they must close completely – leading to a peculiar situation where restaurants, breweries and even drive-thru daiquiri shops can sell alcohol to-go, but not regular bars. Continue reading »

Mar 262020

The tables outside Rouses on Baronne Street are cordoned off to prevent people from congregating. (Danae Columbus)

By Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

Every morning just before 7 a.m. Jonathan Rietmaier unlocks the doors of Mammoth Expresso, his popular CBD coffeehouse, so his employees can serve up the aromatic brew and pastries for which his small business is well known. Although strictly take-out these days, Riethmaier hadn’t changed Mammoth’s hours or staffing in an effort to help his five part-time employees. Continue reading »

Mar 252020

Dear Neighbors and Friends,
As an essential business, Parcels and Post will remain open during the COVID-19 episode. We have a real-life, full-size Post Office mailbox located right inside the front door. You can drop stamped letters, prepaid USPS packages/bags, and small boxes into this box without having to encounter another human.

We have lots of stamps and are providing shipping services with USPS and FedEx. UPS is also dropping off and picking up every weekday.

Thank you for supporting your locally owned neighborhood shop.

See you soon!

– Heidi Hammond, Owner

Parcels & Post
5208 Magazine St.
Open Weekdays, 1-6 p.m.
(504) 891-8402


Mar 252020

Firefighters battle a three-alarm fire on Washington Avenue in Broadmoor. (NOFD photo via Twitter)

A three-alarm fire broke out early Wednesday in a strip mall on Washington Avenue in Broadmoor.

It caused extensive damage to the building that housed eight stores, fire officials report. The alarm sounded at about 2:45 a.m., and firefighters had the blaze under control by about 5 a.m. No injuries were reported.  Continue reading »

Mar 242020

The Krewe of Red Bean makes a delivery to hospital workers. The project is multi-tiered: It feeds the front-lines while providing business to restaurants and  work to gig-less musicians. (via Instagram)

Donating or volunteering can alleviate the feelings of anxiety and helplessness — and the boredom — most of us are experiencing during this crisis. There are ways to help during this coronavirus pandemic without violating the stay-at-home order and putting yourself or others at risk.

At the same time, you can reduce the risk for the front-line workers, help an out-of-work musician earn some money, virtually tip your favorite bartender, cheer up a nursing home resident and more. You don’t even need to donate — if you buy a restaurant gift card now, you can treat yourself and others to a nice dine-in meal when all this is over.  (updated March 28) Continue reading »

Mar 232020

Professionals who depend on the local wedding industry include videographers, photographers and musicians as well wedding planners, caterers and florists. (Lonely Eskimo Productions, via

By Sue Strachan, Uptown Messenger

Near the end of a meeting to discuss the future of the wedding industry in New Orleans, event planner Emily Sullivan took a phone call.

“It’s a client,” she said.

With restrictions getting tougher every day due to the spread of COVID-19, a phone call from a client is going to mean a cancellation or a postponement. Continue reading »