Support GiveNOLA Day by donating to local organizations across the city (sponsored)

As proud New Orleanians, we are thrilled to share with you all about GiveNOLA Day. This annual event is a day dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting local non-profit organizations that work tirelessly to make our city a better place. Today, GiveNOLA Day will be in full swing, and we encourage everyone to donate what they can to support these organizations. From education to healthcare, to the arts and culture, there are so many fantastic non-profits that rely on donations to keep their doors open and to continue their important work. This year, GiveNOLA Day is especially important as our city continues to recover from the challenges of the past year.

Viewpoint: Support your favorite charities on GiveNOLADay

When the Greater New Orleans Foundation started GiveNOLA Day in 2014, they probably had no idea how successful the event would quickly become. Sponsored in 2023 by Baptist Community Ministries, GiveNOLA Day is an online one-day giving event that raised almost $50 million for deserving nonprofits during its first eight years. In 2022, 947 organizations shared $7.9 million. 

In anticipation of this year’s event, almost 1,000 local nonprofits have been touching base with their previous donors and utilizing social media to increase their reach. Organizations can earn special prizes in categories including the most individual donors. With the early donation program well underway, approximately 4,000 donors have already given almost $600,000 to 600 organizations.

Christopher A. Etienne, Sr., Letters from a Father: Easter Sunday & Spring Renewal (sponsored)

Dear, Son:

Seeing your joy when we attend church and your good, spirited interactions with the church members is always excellent. I love to see you sing and clap your hands, as I do when the church choir is singing, or even say, “Amen”! after the pastor has finished praying. It’s truly a delight to see you enjoy Easter Sunday Service. As you’re learning, we as a people and country use the Holy Week to take a moment from our hectic lives for family, fellowship, friendship, prayer, and reflection.

NOLALove Spring Student Rally brings inspiration to New Orleans students (sponsored)

We had to do it again! We gathered students from our InspireNOLA schools and schools throughout the city of New Orleans to show the community just what we mean by #NOLALove! Our second NOLA Love Spring Student Rally was a day of inspiration and motivation for the students of New Orleans, and we were grateful to have motivational speaker Eric Thomas spark a fire in each of our students and remind them that YOU OWE YOU. This initiative, launched in October 2022, continues to be for our students and by our students and their vision for a safer, healthier, and more loving life in New Orleans. NOLALove is and will always be for our students, for our city, and for our future.

Christopher A. Etienne, Sr., Letters from a Father: Gratitude and Pride (sponsored)

Dear, Son:

My faith still is rewarded in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I am proud of your growth, development, and enthusiasm for learning. I have drawn from your youthful energy, and every day I reflect on what you display, which is good humor, courage, and idealism. If anything, you are intelligent and strong, but more importantly, you are kind, thoughtful, and full of passion. Of all that I’ve achieved, I am grateful to be your father.

Don’t pitch it, fix it, at the Repair Café in Broadmoor

“We got press!” This was the surprised cry from Billie Golan, who started New Orleans’ own Repair Café in the summer of 2022. Although the bi-monthly event has rolled out with little fanfare, the free community resource has gained popularity. Here’s how it works: twice a month (one Monday and one Wednesday of each month) Repair Cafe volunteers set up shop on the second floor of the Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center to help all who enter repair their goods and sundry: bikes, electronics and appliances, clothing and jewelry, furniture. There are snacks provided, and those getting repairs done are expected to assist the repair experts if they can, and hopefully learn about how to repair their items for the future. Donations are appreciated, but not required, though visitors may be expected to help pay for the cost of parts, if applicable. 

Though the Repair Café is new to New Orleans, it is far from the first of its kind.

InspireNOLA Charter Schools’ Peace Walk brings awareness to students’ loss at gun violence (sponsored)

InspireNOLA high school students from Edna Karr, Eleanor McMain, and McDonogh 35 hosted a peace walk on January 11th, bringing awareness to the ongoing gun violence happening across New Orleans with the strive for peace in the city. NOLALove advocates for our youth by providing services focused on academic excellence, mental health awareness, family wellness, and community service to transform the outcomes of today’s youth both inside and outside the classroom. Following the peace walk, students held a “walk-in” at their schools, participating in sessions of reflection where they heard from alumni, students, and mental health professionals. Watch the recap below:

To learn more about NOLALove, InspireNOLA Charter Schools and support efforts against gun violence and crime in New Orleans, visit NOLALove – InspireNOLA Charter Schools. About InspireNOLA Charter Schools
Founded in 2013, InspireNOLA Charter Schools operates a network of eight public charter schools in New Orleans, including Alice M. Harte Charter School, Andrew H. Wilson Charter School, Dwight D. Eisenhower Charter School, McDonogh 42 Charter School, Pierre A. Capdau Charter School, Edna Karr -High School, Eleanor McMain Secondary School, and McDonogh 35 Senior High School.

Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market invites the community to celebrate grand opening Jan. 29th (sponsored)

Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market celebrates permanent location Jan. 29 at 3440 Piety St. to bring more fresh produce to food deserts in Louisiana. Barcelo Gardens Fresh Market is excited to announce the opening of the newest location, a permanent venue at 3440 Piety St. This new venture, featuring a brick-and-mortar store and multi-use open space, will bring fresh vegetables and produce to the Florida/Desire area.