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Business Profile: Midway Pizza

from Business Profile: Midway Pizza (Zach Brien)

Like most news outlets, NOLA Messenger draws a hard line between the editorial and advertising. We want our audience to know what is paid for and what is organic.

Every day, we make sure all of our reporting is neutral, honest, ethical, and reflective of everyone and everything involved. With this in mind, we have found a way to highlight and feature local businesses, owners, and brands through quality content creation that doesn’t alienate readers like you.

This fall, we are launching Business Profiles, paid feature stories developed specifically to promote and showcase our local entrepreneurs and our local economy. Featured businesses include:

from Business Profile: Cherry Coffee Roasters (Zach Brien)

Own a Business? What’s Your Story?

Showing off the awesome work you and your company do is not as vain as it may seem. Consumers appreciate brands and businesses that show who they are and how they are. With our new Business Profile option for promotion, we bring out the personas of our clients in ways we feel will best connect with our readers and go far beyond our pages.

For this option, we will send staff to your business and do a feature-style interview and photoshoot. We will work closely with you on messaging, direction, and whatever else is needed to develop quality content your business can use across the board. The promotion will run in our newsfeed and be stored in its own tab on our menu. You’re free to use the content we create (all the pictures and text) on your social media outlets, website, wherever you see fit.

To learn more about our Business Profiles and how you can advertise on our sites, fill out this form.