Roadwork update: Freret, Irish Channel, Hollygrove, Broadmoor, Audubon, Central City, East Carrollton, Fontainebleau


From the Mayor’s Office

An unprecedented amount of infrastructure work is happening across New Orleans — altogether more than $500 million on roadways and on vertical construction projects and there is more to come. For the first time in more than five years, the city has approved nearly $300 million in bonds for a tax-exempt sale, which will lead to multiple projects out for advertisement in the coming months. These projects are designed to improve public spaces, add more stormwater storage and fix more streets. Additionally, about $110 million in joint infrastructure roadway projects, $10 million in capital building projects, and $100 million in green infrastructure projects will be out for bid in the next few months. Roadwork NOLA released updates on the following projects in Uptown neighborhoods.

Woman found dead in second Hoffman Triangle shooting of the weekend

A woman was found face down in an open field in the Hoffman Triangle on Sunday (March 7) afternoon, the New Orleans Police Department. Police have classified the death as a homicide. Sixth District police officers arrived at the 3100 block of Second Street on Sunday at 12:38 p.m. They found the woman lying the field and later discovered an apparent gunshot wound. Medical responders pronounced her dead at the scene. The Coroner’s Office is working to determine the victim’s identity and the official cause of death. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is asked to contact lead Homicide Detective Nicole Alcala at 504-658-5300.

Uptown’s independent booksellers find ways to provide their essential service during the pandemic

Independent booksellers ordinarily rely on foot traffic and in-person browsing for their sales. That all changed in March of last year. Two Uptown bookstores, however, have found ways to adapt and even thrive through the pandemic. Garden District Book Shop, in a historic building that once housed a roller rink on oak-canopied Prytania Street, and Octavia Books, set back on a diagonal on its quiet eponymous street near the river, have both continued to sell books to residents across the city. By altering their in-store browsing, as well as shipping and delivering tomes directly to the homes of their devoted clientele, the booksellers have shown tenacity in a time of chaos and uncertainty.

NOPD arrests juvenile in armed robberies, string of burglaries

From the New Orleans Police Department
The NOPD as arrested a 17-year-old male accused in a Sixth District armed robbery and several other incidents in the First, Second and Sixth Districts. On Tuesday (March 2) Sixth District Person’s Crime detectives, NOPD Violent Offender Warrant Squad and the U.S. Marshals Service located and arrested the juvenile in relation to an armed robbery that occurred Jan. 18 in the 1100 block of Jackson Avenue in the Garden District. A search warrant was obtained for the residence. During the execution of that warrant, the following items were recovered:

A stolen black Glock 19 with a tan grip
An Aero Precision x15 rifle, along with several armor piercing 5.56 rounds
Black gloves, ski masks, and a small plastic bag containing 97 Ecstasy pills (MDMA).

Viewpoint: Cassidy offers support to ensure minority-owned businesses maximize opportunities

In a webinar sponsored Wednesday (March 3) by the New Orleans Regional Black Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy told participants that his staff in Washington and Louisiana will be available to help resolve problems businesses might encounter when applying for the Payroll Protection Program, Small Business Administration and other funding available from the $1.9 billion federal stimulus package currently in the U.S. Senate. 

“Everybody in my state has a seat at the table,” Cassidy said. Several of Cassidy’s staff members were also on the call to introduce themselves and field questions from participants. 

The pandemic was “a punch in the gut” for cities like New Orleans that depend on tourism, he said. Cassidy congratulated attendees for their work in building businesses that will “employ future generations.”

Cassidy said he expects the economy to grow by 4.2 percent in the coming year, which he called “a good thing” and the highest growth spurt in recent years. “We’re trying to get the economy reopened by trying to control the pandemic,” he continued. Though President Joe Biden’s efforts to include the $15 minimum wage in the stimulus package is now off the table, Cassidy said he would not be surprised if another push was made soon to pass the legislation.

Where to score a platter of boiled crawfish Uptown


It’s one of the best seasons of the year — crawfish season. While crawfish boils might be looking a little different this year, we’re still going to be getting together to safely enjoy some delicious crawfish with our friends. Here are some spots Uptown where you can get your fix. These restaurants and bars ask that you follow all social distancing guidelines, so that everyone can have a good time. Ale on Oak
8124 Oak St.

City begins pulling out and hauling off pay phone kiosks

Central City resident Michael Burnside has been walking New Orleans neighborhoods counting abandoned pay phone kiosks. He developed a list of 77 addresses that he turned over to City Hall. And this week the city began removing those kiosks, in batches of 10, starting in Central City. Anyone harboring nostalgia for 20th century communications devices can purchase the retired apparatus at public auctions. The first 10 removed from the Central City neighborhood will be available during the April public auction.