Aug 232012

The home at 4706 St. Charles Avenue. (photo via Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans)

The request by Jack Ryan to demolish a mansion on a lot he wants to buy at the corner of St. Charles and Valence for a new home drew the support of immediate neighbors, but not the St. Charles Avenue Association, and the Neighborhood Conservation District Committee was unable to successfully vote to either defer the project or allow the demolition, reports Karen Gadbois of The Lens.
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Feb 222012

This map shows six weapons cases reported by NOPD on Fat Tuesday along the parade routes, including a cluster of four near Seventh and Eighth streets. (via

Police arrested a man on the Claiborne Avenue end of the parade route Tuesday for illegal possession of a gun, and at least six other weapons cases were reported that afternoon along St. Charles Avenue. Continue reading »

Dec 042011

Repairs to a leaking water main in the 7300 block of St. Charles Avenue will interrupt traffic and parking between Lowerline and Pine streets from 8 a.m. to noon Monday, according to the Sewerage and Water Board. Water service won’t be affected, the notice says.

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Nov 222011

The shed behind the old Bultman residence at the corner of St. Charles and Louisiana avenues burned Tuesday morning, but the fire was extinguished before any of the surrounding structures were damaged. (Robert Morris,

A blaze that broke out this morning in a shed behind the former Borders store in the old Bultman funeral home on St. Charles Avenue was quickly extinguished before its flames could damage the nearby historic Bultman residence or other nearby homes. Continue reading »

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Nov 172011

A suspect in a robbery in apprehended near Audubon Boulevard and Willow Street Monday morning. (Sabree Hill,

Edwin S. Murillo (via

A man who caused a police chase that led to the injury of a Tulane officer Wednesday has been charged with attempting to steal a Tulane student’s cell phone on St. Charles Avenue and then snatching an iPod from a Loyola student, authorities said. Continue reading »

Nov 172011

An officer with the NOPD Sixth District searches for fingerprints on a newspaper touched by a suspect in an attempted robbery of the Walgreens pharmacy on St. Charles Avenue. (Robert Morris,

An attentive cashier at the Walgreens pharmacy on St. Charles Avenue foiled an attempted robbery when she realized her assailant was only pretending to have a weapon, and scared him off without giving up any of the store’s money, police said. Continue reading »

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Nov 162011

Police stand by Papa John's pizza and investigate a robbery that occurred at Capital One bank on Claiborne near Calhoun Wednesday morning. (Sabree Hill,

A man was robbed at gunpoint while leaving a bank that was subject to a similar robbery two weeks ago, and a Tulane police officer was injured chasing a suspect in a separate robbery moments later Wednesday morning, authorities said.

And a third robbery attempt was reported Wednesday afternoon at the Walgreens on St. Charles Avenue at Felicity Street, though details of that case were not immediately available. Continue reading »

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Nov 162011

One of these houses was recently approved for demolition, and one was deemed necessary for preservation. Want to guess which is which? (Photos via Preservation Resource Center,

Watching from the sidelines these last few weeks as New Orleanians applaud or boo proposed demolitions throughout the Uptown area, I am once again left scratching my head from what seems to be a certain sense of inconsistency.  Here’s why. Continue reading »

Nov 142011

Three robberies reported in the Sixth District this weekend. (via

A Dominos Pizza driver making a delivery just off Louisiana Avenue was confronted by a group of masked and gunwielding robbers, a Hoffman Triangle resident was robbed in front of his house by another set of gunmen and a van driver on St. Charles Avenue had his windows smashed with a hammer by another would-be robber in separate this week incidents all under investigation by NOPD Sixth District detectives, authorities said. Continue reading »

Nov 082011

St. Charles Avenue could be home to le Viet café (near Jackson Avenue) in less than two weeks, while Magazine Street is slated for openings soon afterward of Magasin Vietnamese Café near Napoleon Avenue and Pho Noi Viet in the Lower Garden District, reports Gambit’s Ian McNulty.

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Nov 072011

5428 St. Charles Avenue (photo by Preservation Resource Center)

This past Thursday, the New Orleans City Council did a curious and terrible thing.  It voted to overrule the National Conservation District Committee and allow the demolition of a historic St. Charles Avenue mansion designed by a prominent architect. Continue reading »

Nov 032011

A new restaurant on Magazine Street, a new nightclub on Freret Street and a new home in place of a historic one were all given approval by the City Council on Thursday, though each project has drawn its share of objections.

Johnny V’s restaurant next to Monkey Hill bar and the proposed Publiq House in the first floor of the Neighborhood Housing Services building on Freret were given tentative approval to step forward, receiving an affirmative vote that will not go into effect until good-neighbor agreements are signed. Meanwhile, a historic home on St. Charles Avenue can be demolished, after the council decided that the home that will replace it represents an improvement to the showcase street. Continue reading »

Nov 022011

Three Uptown land-use projects that have each generated a fair amount of controversy — the proposed demolition of a historic home on St. Charles Avenue, permission for a restaurant to open in spite of unpermitted additions and a new nightclub on Freret Street — are all slated for New Orleans City Council hearing on Thursday, according to the agenda. Continue reading »

Oct 282011

Tulane junior Mae Scott lights a candle before marching in the 20th Anniversary Take Back the Night March Wednesday evening. The events purpose was to educate and help break the silence about gender-based violence. It was co-sponsored by Tulane and Loyola Universities. The candle lit march began at Loyola University and ended at Freeman Auditorium in the Woldenberg Art Center on Tulane's campus. (Sabree Hill,

Read the full story by Tulane’s Benton Oliver at New Wave. Click below to see more photos.

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