Krewe d’Etat rolls Uptown with satirical style (photo gallery)

Le Krewe d’Etat presented its 24th annual parade Friday (Feb. 21) following the traditional Uptown route. The parade included 24 satirical floats with the theme “The Dic Goes to Mardi Gras,”  referring to The Dictator. Marching bands and walking clubs joined the 545 all-male krewe. Throws included footballs, Dictator hats, lighted flambeaux beads and blinking gargoyle beads.

Hermes parade lights up Uptown (photo story)

The Mystic Krewe of Hermes rolled through Uptown Friday (Feb.21) with the caption leading the parade on a white horse. The parade, entitled “Carnival at the French Opera House,” featured 827 male members wearing lighted, color-coordinated costumes on 32 floats interspersed with flambeaux, lieutenants on horseback, marching bands and walking clubs. Throws included the popular lighted Hermes winged headbands.

Babylon rolls through Uptown a day late with only floats (photo gallery)

The Knights of Babylon celebrated their 81st anniversary with a parade through Uptown on Friday (Feb. 21), with  27 floats and 15 lieutenants on horseback. The club was to roll Thursday but high winds and the chance of rain resulted in a day delay. Originally known as the Jesters Club, Babylon retains the jester as its symbol, with a jester float and throws such as jester koozies and lighted jester hats along with the club’s new signature throw, an LED jester on a stick. The identity of the king, called Sargon, is never revealed to the public, and the queen’s identity is not know until parade day.

Muses rolls with fine weather after delay (photo gallery)

After being canceled Thursday due to high winds, the Krewe of Muses’s 20th anniversary parade rolled Friday (Feb. 21) through Uptown with 29 floats following the theme “2020 Visions: NostradaMuse Sees All.”  The all-female krewe adopted a green philosophy this year tossing “reMuseable” throws. New throws included car magnets, custom cocktail napkins, lighted shoe headbands and spinning ducks. The most coveted item was of course the hand-decorated glitter and bedazzled Muses shoe handed out by float riders.

Nyx 2020 rolls Uptown (photo gallery)

The Mystic Krewe of Nyx has planned 44 magical floats for its 2020 parade, with marching bands and dance clubs totaling more than 120 units. The parade was cut short, however, by a tragedy on the route. Sandra Nix reigned as Goddess Nyx IX and musician Amanda Shaw served as grand marshal. A special float and throw paid tribute to the late Nancy Parker of Fox 8 TV.

Ancient Druids reign over Uptown with rain theme (photo gallery)

The 22nd annual Krewe of Ancient Druids parade rolled Wednesday (Feb. 19) with 250 male members on 18 floats. The “Druids Rain” theme was seen in float titles such as “When it Rains it Pours,” “Come Rain or Shine,” and “Saving for a Rainy Day.” Riders tossed a variety of lighted throws, including wands, beads and clappers. Plush golden acorns and a special gold doubloon in the shape of an acorn were handed out in recognition of the Golden Acorn Society, which sponsors the club’s carnival activities.

King Arthur takes its 20th legendary ride through Uptown (photo gallery)

The Krewe of King Arthur parade rolled Sunday (Feb. 16) with 1,750 male and female members riding on more than 50 floats. The theme of the 43rd parade was “20 Years in Downtown New Orleans.” The krewe was organized in 1977 as a West Bank group, moving their parade to New Orleans in 2001. William Linzy reigned as King Arthur XLIII and Jennifer Frazier as Queen Guinevere XLIII. High school marching band and walking clubs, including the Amelia Earhawts, the NOLA Cherry Bombs and Ain’t Misbehavin’ Social Club.

Carrollton rolls in a rainbow of colors (photo gallery)

The Krewe of Carrollton rolled through Uptown Sunday (Feb. 16) with floats decorated in a rainbow of colors representing this year’s them “Color My World.” The captain and lieutenants led the parade on horseback with the 575-member male krewe riding 27 floats. High school marching bands and dance groups, including the infamous 610 Stompers and Pussyfooters, participated in the parade, which is one of the oldest to roll in New Orleans. Erik Youngblood and Katherine Wood reigned as King and Queen Carrollton XCVI. Some of the coveted throws were coloring books, playing cards, Carrollton medallion beads and the ever-popular decorated shrimp boot.

Femme Fatale parade spreads the love (photo gallery)

The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale’s seventh annual parade rolled almost an hour late Sunday (Feb. 16) to avoid the worst of the rain. A loyal crowd dressed in rain gear lined the route as over 750 female krewe members tossed coveted Cherchez La Femme signature beads, sunglasses, light wands and lip-shaped flasks. The most sought-after throw was the bedazzled mirror compact. Floats followed the love songs parade theme with float titles such as Lovebug, Higher Love, Vision of Love and Endless Love.

Pygmalion travels to Italy by way of Uptown (photo gallery)

The Krewe of Pygmalion rolled Uptown Saturday (Feb. 15) with 550 male and female members aboard 25 floats. “Viaggia In Italia” (Travel to Italy) was the theme of the 21st annual parade which also included marching bands and dance groups. Cary Oswald and Kalli Mercer reigned as King and Queen Pygmalion XXI. Float riders tossed lighted themed logo beads, wands, Venetian masks, roses and bracelets.