Jun 012019

The city’s evacuation spots are marked with this 14-foot statue.

The city has a new evacuation plan in place for the 2019 hurricane season, which begins today and runs through Nov. 30.

For the fifth year in a row, the season got ahead of itself, however. On May 20, the first named storm of the year, Subtropical Storm Andrea, formed in the Atlantic near Bermuda, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The center gives 2019 a 70% probability for nine to 15 named storms, four to eight hurricanes and two to four major hurricanes. This is in line with the long-term averages for the number of named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes: 12, six and three, respectively.

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Sep 042018
Tropical Storm Gordon may strengthening into a hurricane by 7 p.m. tonight

The 10 a.m. update from the National Weather Service shows Tropical Storm Gordon strengthening into a hurricane by 7 p.m., with tropical-storm force winds reaching New Orleans by 8 p.m.

Tropical Storm Gordon is expected to continue to strengthen into a Category 1 hurricane today as it marches across the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall this evening, likely on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Continue reading »

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Aug 292018

(image courtesy of David Mora)

I hear it’s pouring rain today in New Orleans. How apt. Most of my friends say they will not watch television today. I haven’t seen my friend Kim Abramson in person for years, but today her Instagram post was one of grief. It reads, “We won’t turn on the TV today, because I can’t take the images. I love you, New Orleans, hang in there.”

Many others are planning a social media blackout. I will likely employ both survival tactics. For that is what we did—Katrina survivors, the luckier few anyway—we survived. Far too many did not.

Yesterday afternoon, Times-Picayune reporter Melinda Morris innocently Tweeted, “Where were you 13 years ago today?” The roundup’s responses brought forth emotions forgotten in the daily hustle. More poignantly, it brought tears. Morris admitted she can’t bring herself to watch video feed of Hurricane Katrina.

There were numerous emotional admissions from New Orleans and Mississippi on yesterday’s social media, emotions and memories that the rest of America will never be able to grasp. Many started crying. I was one of them. Continue reading »

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