Aug 272012

Owen Courreges

As I write this column, there’s a storm in the Gulf.  The Tropical Storm that has us in its sights is named Isaac, after the Biblical figure on whom God ordered a hit vis-à-vis his father, Abraham, but then reneged at the last possible second because it was merely a test of faith.

Isaac, presumably, wandered away confused and rubber-legged. Continue reading »

Aug 262012

(source: National Hurricane Center)

Hurricane conditions are expected within the New Orleans metropolitan area and “preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion,” forecasters warned as their computer models show Isaac’s path drawing gradually nearer to the city. Continue reading »

Aug 232012

The home at 4706 St. Charles Avenue. (photo via Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans)

The request by Jack Ryan to demolish a mansion on a lot he wants to buy at the corner of St. Charles and Valence for a new home drew the support of immediate neighbors, but not the St. Charles Avenue Association, and the Neighborhood Conservation District Committee was unable to successfully vote to either defer the project or allow the demolition, reports Karen Gadbois of The Lens.
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Aug 232012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

From an economic development standpoint, among the most important buildings owned by the City of New Orleans is a campus nestled in the center of Kenner.

The campus, is, of course, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. It is the gateway through which most of the region’s eight million plus visitors annually arrive and it will be phenomenally busy during Super Bowl week in 2013. Continue reading »

Aug 222012

The former yoga studio now slated to become a Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant on Oak Street, photographed in June. (Robert Morris,

Three Uptown restaurants — Singha Song on Maple Street, and the proposed Mellow Mushroom on Oak and Mais Arepas at Carondelet and Clio — have requests for alcohol sales on the agenda for Thursday morning’s meeting of the New Orleans City Council. Continue reading »

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Aug 212012

Dos Jefes bar on Tchoupitoulas was one of many targets in New Orleans of a federally-funded tobacco-compliance sting, but city officials decided Tuesday not to fine the establishment. (Robert Morris,

Early in May, a 15-year-old boy walked into Dos Jefes Uptown Cigar Bar on Tchoupitoulas, asked if they sold cigarettes and purchased a pack from the machine.

That boy was assisting agents with the state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, however, and the purchase landed Dos Jefes in front of the city Alcohol Beverage Control board on Tuesday morning, along with several New Orleans other bars in the first wave of a three-year, federally-funded enforcement effort. Continue reading »

Aug 202012

Three more Uptown bars — Cooter Brown’s, Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge and Dos Jefes — and corner stores on Oak Street and in Central City have all been added to the docket before the city’s Alcohol Beverage Control board following sweeps by state agents, and will get their first public hearing at a meeting Tuesday. Continue reading »

Aug 202012

Over its 40-year history, the Coliseum Square Association has played a major role in the revitalization of the Lower Garden District, so its voice should be respected when it comes to development proposals that might affect it, City Council candidate Eric Strachan group told the group Monday night — in comments that drew a range of responses from other council hopefuls, from strong agreement to a dose of skepticism. Continue reading »

Aug 202012

In the first official week of the race for the District B seat on the City Council, Eric Strachan will be meeting tonight with a neighborhood association his parents helped found, LaToya Cantrell and Dana Kaplan are beginning to knock on doors in Uptown neighborhoods, and late entrants Buck Horton and Donald Vallee are both getting their campaigns organized. Continue reading »

Aug 202012

Owen Courreges

This past Wednesday, the New Orleans Police Department announced that it would be holding a sobriety checkpoint in — wait for it — “the Orleans Parish area.”

This was a change. Normally the NOPD at least provides a general area that narrows down the location of the checkpoint in advance. A checkpoint will be held in “Uptown” or “Algiers” the NOPD will say, and then if you don’t want to be interrogated by police you at least have the option of trying to avoid that area. Continue reading »

Aug 172012

Allan Katz and Danae Columbus

The teams are complete, the matchups are clear. These guys don’t like one another and their philosophies could hardly be more different.

There was a time in America when then-Alabama Gov. George Wallace could run for President as an independent complaining that there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican candidates. That isn’t really a problem in 2012. The Obama-Biden view of the world is just about 360 degrees apart from the Romney-Ryan view of the world. Continue reading »

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Aug 152012

The former uniform store on Magazine Street near Louisiana is planned for a transformation into a new location of Dat Dog. (Robert Morris,

Dat Dog is one step closer to putting a smile on Magazine Street’s facade, after the City Planning Commission gave a positive recommendation to its request for alcohol Tuesday despite some objection by the Garden District Association. Continue reading »

Aug 152012

District B City Council candidate Dana Kaplan speaks at her campaign kickoff party Tuesday evening at Victory bar in the Central Business District. (Robert Morris,

On the day before filing officially opens for the District B City Council seat — having just turned in what they believe is enough signatures to get candidate Dana Kaplan on the ballot — her supporters were ready to party.

And to get to work.

“This is really real. This is it,” said Norris Henderson of Voice Of The Ex-Offender at Kaplan’s campaign launch party on Tuesday night. “But that was the easy part.” Continue reading »

Aug 142012

Hundreds of Uptown residents fill the auditorium at the Jewish Community Center on Monday night to discuss the city budget with Mayor Mitch Landrieu. (photo via WWL-TV)

Civics is hard, Mayor Mitch Landrieu told a packed room of hundreds of Uptown residents on Monday night, after hearing their calls for better roads, less blight, lower taxes, improvements to Gert Town, and full staffing of the fire department and city planning offices.

All those issues are undeniably crucial to the city’s future, Landrieu said in a sort of pregame show for the budget he will unveil after a series of community meetings around the city. How to allocate a limited amount of money to each of those priorities is where the real difficulty comes in. Take the firefighters, for example.

“I have great respect for them, [but] they are just like everybody else when it comes to budget,” Landrieu said. “When you spend a dollar on them, you can’t spend that dollar on anybody else.” Continue reading »