Robert Morris

May 112013

Walter L. Cohen High School has run a budget deficit since it was taken over by the Future Is Now charter network that also operates John McDonogh High School, and whether Future Is Now will continue running it depends on the financial contribution that the Recovery School District will agree to, according to a report by Della Hasselle of The Lens.

May 112013

The Camellia Grill, the white-colonnaded diner on South Carrollton, may lose its name and need substantive changes to its exterior after a judge’s decision in a licensing dispute over the shape of the building’s sign and a missing $200 royalty check, reports Richard Webster of The Times-Picayune. Owner Hichamm Khodr reopened the Camellia Grill in 2007 following Hurricane Katrina after buying it from Michael Schwartz, but was bound by a strict licensing agreement that permitted no changes to any aspect of the building’s logo, Webster reports.

If Khodr’s appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court fails, he will have to change every aspect of the business that resembles the original Camellia Grill, including the name, appearance of the building and the servers’ uniforms, Webster reports.

May 102013

Craig Giesecke

I was fortunate enough during JazzFest to do what I love most (at least professionally) — work in a creative kitchen with other inventive folks, tweaking the menu a little each night and leaving room for whatever inspiration happened to hit. While I was limited mainly to pantry work (salads, saucing and desserts), there was still plenty of back-and-forth about what might work and we could each throw out ideas for possible use. The creative spigot was wide open, even more so when things got busy. It was delightful. Continue reading »

May 092013

A street gang known as the 110′ers — an umbrella organization of smaller neighborhood groups in the 10th and 11th wards — is responsible for 10 murders, authorities say, and 15 members of it have been charged in a 51-count indictment hailed Thursday as the “most sweeping street gang indictment” in the city’s history. Continue reading »

May 092013

Rather than tear down a century-old home in the 3900 block of Tchoupitoulas Street to make way for a filming lot, property owner Troy Keller and renovator Robert Brent will move the house next Tuesday to a lot Brent owns in the 3500 block of Tchoupitoulas for renovations, according to a report by Bill Capo and our partners at WWL-TV.

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May 072013

Kara Morgan (right) and her sister, Kristine Rizzuto, at Morgan’s home in the Irish Channel. (Robert Morris,

For years, Kara Morgan has given her neighbors her time, love and energy as the tough, cheerful leader of the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association.

Now that the 39-year-old mother of two has been diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer, the Irish Channel is giving back to Morgan this weekend in the neighborhood’s own irreverent way — with a fundraiser for her medical treatment at a brewery, complete with burlesque dancers, musicians, and all the fierce, unyielding optimism that she and her community bear so proudly. Continue reading »

May 072013

Residents and school officials examine the yard behind the McDonogh 7 school building where temporary structures are planned for next year, when Audubon Charter is slated to move in. (Robert Morris,

Residents and officials gather in front of the McDonogh 7 building. (Robert Morris,

With Audubon Charter School slated to move out of its crumbling Carrollton courthouse and into the McDonogh 7 building on Milan Street next year, school officials held their first meeting Monday night with their new neighbors. Continue reading »

May 062013

State Rep. Neil Abramson, left, speaks during a public meeting about the expansion of Children’s Hospital onto the former New Orleans Adolescent Hospital property. (Robert Morris,

State law requires that the former New Orleans Adolescent Hospital site only be used for health-care purposes after Children’s Hospital buys it, lawmakers said at a public meeting Monday night. Meanwhile, the expansion of mental-health services at the former DePaul Hospital site on Calhoun street will no new construction, hospital officials said. Continue reading »

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May 032013

Computer sketch (via NOPD)

The honest taxi drivers of New Orleans should turn in one of their peers who sexually assaulted a woman he was driving through the east Carrollton area early Thursday, so that their profession’s reputation does not suffer from his misdeeds, NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas said Friday afternoon.

“Cab drivers are good, professional, hardworking people,” Serpas said at a mid-afternoon news conference. “You know who this guy is. You know who he is. Tell him to turn himself in; we’re coming to get him.” Continue reading »