Roadwork ahead: Weekend water main repairs planned in Central City

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Repairs to two water mains will necessitate temporary road closures and low water pressure in Central City this weekend, the Sewerage & Water Board reported.

Beginning on Saturday (Dec. 10) at 8 a.m., Sewerage & Water Board crews will temporarily close one lane of riverbound traffic in the 2800 block of Martin Luther King, between South Claiborne Avenue and Magnolia Street, for repair work and road restoration.

The roadway is expected to reopen the same day at around 4 p.m.

This closure is required for repairs to a 4-inch water main that runs along Martin Luther King Boulevard. Signage will be in place to direct traffic.

Beginning on Sunday (Dec. 11), a water closure and roadwork are required in order to make repairs to another water main. A 6-inch water main on Willow Street from Felicity to Erato will be repaired.

The water closure will begin at 8 a.m., and the valves are expected to be closed until noon.

In order to facilitate the repairs, Sewerage & Water Board crews also will temporarily close one lane of riverbound traffic on Willow between Felicity and Erato with repair work and road restoration. The work is expected to take about four hours.

Gauges will be placed and monitored by a S&WB crew during the valve closure. The procedure will be aborted, and the closure opened immediately if there are any unacceptable pressure losses during the closure or if any pressure gauge readings fall to 30 psi.

If you are outside the expected impact area and experience low or no water pressure, call 504-52-WATER (92837) and press 1 for emergency.

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