Renewable energy campaign kicks off with event tonight in Broadmoor

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Audubon Louisiana, in partnership with the Energy Future New Orleans Coalition, is kicking off its campaign for a Resilient Renewable Portfolio Standard New Orleans with a community meeting tonight.

The event for City Council Districts A and B will be held at the Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center, 3900 Gen. Taylor St., 2nd floor, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center, 3900 Gen. Taylor St.

The group plans to ask the New Orleans City Council to support a strong Renewable Portfolio Standard. “By committing to 100% renewable energy by 2040, New Orleans can become a leader in the clean energy economy while addressing the greatest challenges faced by residents,” the coalition states.

Organizer Angie Torres will be guiding the meeting, and Monique Harden of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice is a guest speaker. Community members are also invited to speak. Contact the Facebook page if you would like to speak or put an item on the agenda.

According to the coalition: “The costs, both in dollars and health, that we are paying out to use dirty power are too high. Right now, some New Orleans Entergy customers pay as much as 23% of their income on Entergy bills for dirty power. Climate change is expected to exacerbate these costs as extreme weather events push temperatures higher.

“By joining together and using our collective democratic power, we can bring jobs and investment into the communities where they’re most needed, improve the resiliency and equity of local power, and protect New Orleans from the worst impacts of a changing climate through a commitment to 100% renewable power.”

Anyone who plans to attend the kickoff event is asked to mark “Going” on Facebook or RSVP on Eventbright.

If you need to use a ramp entrance or can’t find street parking, the Blessed Trinity parking lot just behind the building is available for the event. If you need to be let into the stairless back entrance, call ahead or when you get there at 504-249-5130.

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