Expect low water pressure as S&WB closes main line for testing

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From the Sewerage & Water Board

Sewerage & Water Board crews will perform a test closure in advance of a critical repair needed in the area of Gen. Ogden and Nelson streets in Hollygrove.

Beginning tonight (Feb. 14) around 9 p.m., crews will be closing down a 50-inch water main that supplements the water supply to Mid-City, Lakeview, Gentilly and New Orleans East.

This test closure may result in the potential of lower-than-normal water pressures. To minimize potential impact, crews are starting at 9 p.m.

Upper floors of multi-story buildings will potentially see the most impact. Crews will monitor water pressure throughout the city. If pressures begin to dip significantly, crews will be ready to respond and work to reverse the closure.

Customers who are experiencing low or no water pressure should always call the S&WB Emergency Call Center at 504-52-WATER; it is open 24/7.

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