Cavan Restaurant closes after five years on Magazine Street

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Courtesy of Cavan

The former Cavan Restaurant & Bar at 3607 Magazine St. will continue to be used as a venue for private events.

Acclaimed Uptown restaurant Cavan announced its closure Thursday after five years on Magazine Street. The decision came after 18 months of struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Robert LeBlanc⁠ of local restaurant operator LeBlanc+Smith announced the closure on social media.

“In the wake of Hurricane Ida and after a prolonged period of instability in our industry, we have made the decision to close Cavan Restaurant and Bar,” he said in a statement posted on Instagram. He noted the historic building at 3607 Magazine St. sustained damage in Ida, adding that “as a small, hometown group we unfortunately do not have the human or financial resources to reopen.”

LeBlanc+Smith has been hosting private events in the former mansion, a model of New Orleans elegance and decadence. LeBlanc said the group is aiming to keep the legacy of Cavan alive in its current space – geared towards programming and private events.

All former Cavan employees were offered positions within the company. Other LeBlanc+Smith restaurants and bars include The Chloe, Barrel Proof, Sylvain and Anna’s.

The statement also mentioned that the team will be moving forward with opening The Will and The Way in its Longway Tavern location. The group received an American Rescue Plan Act’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grant specifically allocated for the French Quarter property. The same grant was not received for Cavan, LeBlanc said.

Cavan has long been a favorite in the Touro neighborhood. Set in an 1800s mansion, the only thing better than Cavan’s atmosphere was its food. Roasted Duck Breast, Jerk Spiced Fish, Adobo Shrimp and Grits, and Seafood Court Bouillon are just a few of the delights people enjoyed here over the years. Cavan was also well known for its brunch, which included Croque Madame and Salmon Tartare, as well as an extensive cocktail menu.

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One thought on “Cavan Restaurant closes after five years on Magazine Street

  1. Well let’s continue the current choke hold of restrictive policies and regulations put in place by an incompetent local administration on the Restaurant industry and see how many more fine restaurants have to close their doors in the upcoming months. “Give me a stick and I’ll hit them while their down.” SMH

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