InspireNOLA Charter Schools launches citywide youth initiative to combat gun violence Oct. 12 (sponsored)

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A student-led initiative that focuses on decreasing gun violence across the city.

The city we all know and love is now the “Murder Capital for the U.S.,” and it’s time that we, as leaders across the city, act quickly to change this narrative. Recent reports suggest that youth in New Orleans are at the forefront of the current violent crime wave that has inflicted our city.

InspireNOLA, a local charter school network in New Orleans, is refuting the new title with its latest initiative — NOLALove. A youth-driven and community-wide call-to-action, NOLALove is our response to the increased crime and lives lost to senseless gun violence ravaging the city of New Orleans. It is our way of manifesting the word “love” through community outreach, engagement, and collaboration.

NOLALove advocates for our youth by providing services focused on academic excellence, mental health awareness, family wellness, and community service to transform the outcomes of today’s youth both inside and outside the classroom.

The first student rally for the initiative will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 12, at the Smoothie King Center, beginning at 10 a.m. Students across New Orleans will come together to hear motivational speakers and celebrate their pledge and commitment to spreading NOLALove.

“While InspireNOLA is spearheading NOLALove, this is an accountability call to everyone in the city to join us in connecting and improving the lives of New Orleans youth,” said InspireNOLA CEO Jamar McKneeley. “Time and time again, we’ve seen community initiatives targeted at the youth, but what about initiatives that rally behind our youth — that gives them the power to be their own advocate. Through NOLALove, we are here to build a supportive environment while being held accountable to listen, learn and act on meeting the youths’ needs beyond the classroom and address their own needs to resolve how they might handle day-to-day life, including conflict resolution.”

Components of the NOLALove plan will include creative writing essay competitions, conflict resolution sessions, peer-to-peer mediation training, voting education, events during and outside of the school day, student-led rallies and many more.

To learn more about NOLALove and take the pledge against gun violence and crime in the city, visit NOLALove – InspireNOLA Charter Schools

About InspireNOLA Charter Schools

Founded in 2013, InspireNOLA Charter Schools operates a network of eight public charter schools in New Orleans, including Alice M. Harte Charter School, Andrew H. Wilson Charter School, Dwight D. Eisenhower Charter School, McDonogh 42 Charter School, Pierre A. Capdau Charter School, Edna Karr -High School, Eleanor McMain Secondary School, and McDonogh 35 Senior High School. InspireNOLA currently serves more than 5,800 students in prekindergarten through 12th grade.

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