Richmond’s strong showing echoed in Uptown precincts

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Cedric Richmond

Cedric Richmond

State Rep. Cedric Richmond‘s dominance in Saturday’s four-way Democratic primary election was also on display in Uptown precincts, according to an analysis of results posted by the Secretary of State’s office.

Not only did Richmond win each of the Uptown wards with more than 50 percent, he also took nearly every individual precinct.

Among the results:

  • Richmond’s 61-percent victory district-wide over his closest competitor, state Rep. Juan LaFonta‘s 21 percent, was similar to results in wards 10, 11, 12, 13 and 17, which all came within a point or two of the same margins. Only in wards 14 and 16, which run roughly between Jefferson and South Carrollton, did LaFonta pull closer to 30 percent and hold Richmond to the low 50s.
  • Out of nearly 100 precincts that vote in these wards, Richmond lost only four to LaFonta: Ward 11’s precinct 8, Ward 12’s precinct 6, Ward 14’s precinct 17 and Ward 16’s precinct 5.
  • Although Eugene Green‘s 10 percent total put him in third place over Gary Johnson across the district, Johnson was the third-place finisher over Green in wards 10 and 11.

Because no runoff is needed, the Congressional race will not be on the ballot Oct. 2, and Richmond will face U.S. Rep. Joseph Cao and three independent candidates Nov. 2.

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