Mid-morning carjacking reported on Maple Street

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A woman parked on Maple Street just before 9 a.m. Friday was pulled from her seat by two men who then stole her vehicle, police said.

The woman was in the 7300 block of Maple at 8:50 a.m., sitting her vehicle with the doors closed and the engine off, when she saw two men on foot turn on to the street from Lowerline, according to a report distributed by the Tulane University Police Department. One of the men ran over to her driver’s side door, pulled it open and then pulled her out of the vehicle onto the ground, the report states. Both men then got into the vehicle and headed up Lowerline toward South Claiborne, the report states.

The woman’s assailant was described as a black man wearing a brown fur hat with a bear on the front, a white T-shirt and blue jeans. His accomplice was a black man in a gray Nike hooded sweatshirt with blue jeans.

4 thoughts on “Mid-morning carjacking reported on Maple Street

  1. How is the woman? Does Tulane have a “Police Department” or is it a “Security Department” curious if these are armed officers….Is it possible to follow up and let us if these individuals are found believe it would give a bit of reassurance. thank you.

    • Miriam, these are good questions. Tulane does have a sworn police force; they do carry firearms and conduct their own investigations.

      That said, this is not likely to be a Tulane police department case – the NOPD will handle this. I just happened to get the information in this article from the Tulane alert – sometimes I receive that before I get the NOPD report. I believe Tulane PD was just sending it out because of its proximity to campus.

      I always do my best to follow these robbery investigations, so I’ll post more information as soon as I can get it.

      • Thank you Robert – would appreciate it as my office is on Maple. Interesting to know about Tulane as well. As an aside I understand that there are ex NOPD officers who have a Facebook page and post current calls to the NOPD – would you happen to know the name of the page?

  2. Any chance you could put a google map in each of these articles? Or a link to one? I feel like I’m always doing that. “can’t someone else do it?” – Homer Simpson

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