Young Audience Charter School at Crocker to hold Black History Month parade

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Young Audiences Charter School, 2301 Marengo St.

The Young Audience Charter School at Crocker will hold a Black History Month parade on Friday (Feb. 3).

Parade will include Mardi Gras Indians, social aid and pleasure clubs, and marching bands.

The parade will kick off the month’s celebrations. It will feature performances by second-line organizations, Indian tribes, and the staff and students in Social Clubs. The Crocker band and other local marching units will have a section in the parade.

Students will be dressed in traditional African attire. Each grade will represent the following country or city: Pre-K, Liberia; kindergarten, Ghana; 1st grade, South Africa, 2nd grade, Rwanda, 3rd grade, Tanzania; 4th grade, Senegal; 5th grade, Kenya; 6th grade, Ethiopia; 7th grade, Nigeria; 8th grade, New Orleans.

The parade will take place Friday from 2 to 3:15 p.m. It will begin at Young Audiences Charter School, 2301 Marengo St., and extend around the four blocks of the school’s perimeter between LaSalle, Marengo, Gen. Taylor and South Liberty streets.

Opened in 2013, Young Audiences Charter Schools are open enrollment, arts-integrated charter schools operating in Jefferson and Orleans Parish.

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The Flag Boy of the Golden Comanches marches on Mardi Gras Day in 2018. Mardi Gras Indians will participate in the Crocker parade.


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