‘We’ll Be Right Back’: Pizza D owner shares thinking process for closing restaurant

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We'll Be Right Back: New Orleans Hospitality

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“How are we having to make this choice between our employees’ livelihoods and their health?” Michael Friedman of Pizza Delicious asked as his management team made plans for the current health crisis.

“How do we run a business at this time where there’s so many unknowns, where the health risk is so unknown, and make this happen so that our employees can continue to have jobs?”

Friedman shared Pizza D’s story on the We’ll Be Right Back podcast this week.  The series features local business owners and employees in the service sector as they manage their way through COVID-19.

“When to Shut Down” featuring
Michael Friedman of Pizza Delicious

In this episode, Friedman talks about the early weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak and his ultimate decision to (temporarily!) shutter Pizza Delicious. The interview explores the ways Pizza D had to rethink every aspect of its business—from sanitation practices and cooking procedures, to takeout/delivery only and staffing — and we also discuss the burden of having to balance the livelihood, as the potentially the very lives, of your staff.

Uptown Messenger supports media efforts and exposure to voices like these. To learn more about the project and access all episodes, visit We’ll Be Right Back.

Greg Tilton, Jr.

Greg Tilton, host and producer of “We’ll Be Right Back”

About The Host
Greg Tilton is co-founder/cinematographer at inDEPTH Media and producer of the
Rumor Files and Jacks of Trades podcasts. He produces We’ll Be Right Back: The Future of Hospitality along with Barrie Schwartz of My House Events and Elizabeth Tilton of Oyster Sunday.

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