‘We’ll Be Right Back’: Financial relief, policy discussions for night-life economy

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We'll Be Right Back: New Orleans Hospitality

courtesy of Greg Tilton, designed by Eugenie McLellan

We’ll Be Right Back is a homegrown podcast that shares the stories of local business owners and employees in the service sector and gig economy at-large. Host Greg Tilton interviews professionals and organizations that provide relief and resources that help the industry manage through COVID-19.

This series highlights the work, status and future of the hospitality industry in New Orleans.

This week’s episode: “Night Life Policy” with Mark Schettler of Bar Tonique

Schettler and Tilton share the types financial relief available to small businesses, how the industry should work together and get involved in policy discussions, and how to solve a potential rent crisis on the horizon.

Uptown Messenger supports media efforts and exposure to voices like these. To learn more about the project and access all episodes, visit We’ll Be Right Back.

Greg Tilton, Jr.

Greg Tilton, host and producer of “We’ll Be Right Back”

Greg Tilton is co-founder/cinematographer at inDEPTH Media and producer of the Rumor Files and Jacks of Trades podcasts. He produces We’ll Be Right Back: The Future of Hospitality along with Barrie Schwartz of My House Events and Elizabeth Tilton of Oyster Sunday.

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