Traffic-ticket season to begin Aug. 1

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City of New Orleans

The yellow dots show school-zone cameras; red dots show red-light and speed cameras; the purple dot shows the speed camera.

Traffic cameras will be catching speeders and red-light scofflaws again beginning Aug. 1 — the same day all 39 school zone cameras will be reactivated.

Ten traffic cameras that were damaged during Hurricane Ida in 2021 have been repaired and will soon be back online. The repairs included replacing sensors and installing new poles and other support equipment.

Three of the 10 reactivated cameras are at the intersection of Earhart Boulevard and South Carrollton Avenue. Traffic violators heading either direction on Carrollton can expect to be ticketed. Another camera at the Earhart-Carrollton intersection is focused on vehicles heading toward the river on Earhart.

Sign in the 1000 block of Henry Clay

All but one of the city’s 52 traffic cameras are either in school zones, operating four hours a day on the weekdays that schools are in session, or at traffic lights, operating continually to detect both red-light runners and speeders.

The sole non-school-zone camera capturing speeders remains in the residential 1100 block of Henry Clay Avenue, at Coliseum Street, where it photographs and tickets vehicles heading toward the lake at speeds above 25 mph.

The cameras are activated whenever a violation is detected. The registered owners of vehicles photographed running the light or exceeding the speed limit will receive a ticket in the mail.

The 10 traffic safety cameras that are being reactivated are located at:

  • North Carrollton Avenue (southbound) @ Canal Street
  • Canal Street (eastbound) @ South Carrollton Avenue
  • South Carrollton Avenue (northbound) @ Palmetto Street
  • South Carrollton Avenue (southbound) @ Earhart Boulevard
  • Earhart Boulevard (westbound) @ South Carrollton Avenue
  • Earhart Boulevard (eastbound) @ South Carrollton Avenue
  • Poydras Street (eastbound) @ Loyola Avenue
  • Poydras Street (eastbound) @ St. Charles Avenue
  • Poydras Street (westbound) @ Carondelet Street
  • South Carrollton Avenue (northbound) @ Banks Street

The school-zone traffic safety cameras — off while schools are out of session for the summer — will be reactivated Tuesday, Aug. 1, at 7 a.m. School-zone hours are 7 until 9 a.m. and 2:45 until 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Motorists are advised to carefully observe posted speed limits and exercise caution in school zones, including refraining from cellphone use and stopping for children crossing the street. The 20 mph school zone speed limits are strictly enforced.

A map of all traffic camera locations — including school zone, red light and speeding cameras — can be found here. For more information on the traffic-camera citations, see this factsheet.

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