This Week at The Broad: Choose Life. Choose Movies.

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This Week at The Broad, we’ve got two new films and a slew of special events to go over so let’s get straight to the run down, shall we?

T2: TRAINSPOTTING is the long awaited sequel to one of the outright classic independent films of the 90’s. Rather than the typical overdue sequel that forgets what made the original so amazing, this is a mature sequel that brings back the characters you love (led by a still-mesmerizing Ewan McGregor) with something to say about the passage of time. 20 years may have passed, but Danny Boyle and crew still know how to crank out a classic.

THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS is the eighth film in a series that continues to amaze people with its continued quality. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and perhaps a dozen more action stars of the silver screen, we are happy to bring back a little of the old whiz-bang action to our theater. It opens this Friday, and we suggest you Tokyo Drift on in to catch it.

GET OUT, RAW,  and the cute-as-heck KEDI all stay in our rotation. This marks eight weeks for GET OUT and we think that this might be its final week so now is perhaps your last chance to see this spring’s most talked about film.


From time to time, we like to put down the popcorn and Twizzlers and get a little classy. That’s why we are bringing you on April 18th MADAMA BUTTERFLY presented by the Royal Opera House. Tickets are $12 and now available for this three-hour show that includes an old-fashioned intermission for your concession and bathroom needs.

DONNIE DARKO is one of those dorm room classics that got passed around from DVD rack to DVD rack back in the early days of this century. We feel as though it needs to be experienced on a big screen with a rocking sound system, so we’ve joined many theaters around the US and UK in bringing this film back with a brand new restoration in honor of its 15th anniversary. We’re also playing the film on 4/19 & 4/20, so that you may experience the film in any way that you see fit. Tickets on sale now, no matter what time and space you currently occupy.

PATOIS is bringing the 2017 edition of their human rights film festival to The Broad this weekend. We are so happy to be hosting them for another year and hope that you’ll have the opportunity to see their offerings. Tickets and more information can be found on their website HERE.

BYOB(aby) will be showing GHOST IN THE SHELL this week. This infant-friendly show will be on Thursday at 11 AM and will feature sushi from Asuka available for pre-order on our website. With the lights turned up and the sound turned down it is a perfect way to bring your baby to the cinema in a stress-free environment.


Friday: 11:45 AM 1:55 PM 4:05 PM 7:40 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM 1:10 PM 5:20 PM 7:40 PM
Sunday: 11:55 AM 2:10 PM 5:10 PM 7:25 PM 9:55 PM
Monday: 2:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:20 PM 9:50 PM
Tuesday: 1:45 PM 4:00 PM 7:25 PM
Wednesday: 2:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:30 PM 10:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 PM 2:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:15 PM 9:50 PM

Friday: 11:15 AM 3:30 PM
Saturday: 11:15 AM 1:15 PM
Sunday: 11:15 AM 1:05 PM
Monday: 1:45 PM 5:45 PM
Tuesday: 1:35 PM 5:35 PM
Wednesday, Thursday: 1:40 PM 3:30 PM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday: 10:45 AM 1:30 PM 4:15 PM 7:00 PM 9:45 PM
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 1:30 PM 4:15 PM 7:00 PM 9:45 PM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11:30 AM 2:00 PM 4:30 PM 7:10 PM 9:35 PM
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 2:00 PM 4:30 PM 7:10 PM 9:35 PM

Friday: 1:15 PM 5:30 PM 9:55 PM
Saturday: 3:10 PM 9:55 PM
Sunday: 3:00 PM 9:40 PM
Monday: 3:35 PM 7:40 PM 9:55 PM
Tuesday: 3:25 PM 9:40 PM
Wednesday: 5:20 PM 9:50 PM
Thursday: 5:30 PM 7:40 PM

Tuesday: 6:30 PM

Wednesday: 7:15 PM
Thursday: 9:30 PM

Tuesday: 9:55 PM

Monday – Friday: $10 Adults, $8 Military, Seniors (62+), and Children (12 & Under)Saturday & Sunday: $8 Matinee (Any show starting before 5:30 PM), $10 Adults, $8 Military, Seniors (62+), and Children (12 & Under)

The Broad Theater offers limited parking in our surface lot for cars, and bicycle racks for our friends who like to pedal. Sidewalk parking is available throughout the neighborhood including directly in front of the theater.

During weekdays, we offer happy hour specials till 6 p.m. Come enjoy $5 draft wines, draft beers, and well cocktails. You can also enjoy a pint of any beer and a small popcorn for only $10!

The Broad Theater
636 N. Broad Street
New Orleans, LA 70119

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