This Week at The Broad: A Week of Dangerous Visions

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We’re reaching that part of the year when all of us start becoming amateur meteorologists as the waters of the gulf start churning up. Our lineup is also in a great state of flux as we move in two new films featuring dangerous people and dangerous visions. Join us for a journey to the dark side, will you? 
WHITE BOY RICK is the DIY tale of a young man who became a drug kingpin before he became a high school graduate. Based on the very true story, Matthew McConaughey stars as Rick’s father who after getting jailed needs the help of his son to get free.

This Week at The Broad: Fight The (White) Power

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This week is just chock full of information so we want to get you into the good stuff as soon as possible. This newsletter has SEVEN brand new film announcements so let’s get started, shall we? 
BLACKkKLANSMAN is the latest Spike Lee Joint, a symbol of quality that defined 90’s cinema. His latest work brings back the energy of those early films with a message that is as timely as can be. Check it out starting this Friday.

This Week at The Broad: Three of a kind, but not a full house

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Before we begin with this week’s newsletter, we’d like to thank all of you for your understanding and patience over this past weekend. No movie theater wants to have a projector failure followed by a power outage, but any theater would want to have the support we received when it happened. If you got a rain check this weekend, please know that our rain checks have no expiration date as long as you hold onto the ticket stub. Now that we’ve said our peace, let’s talk about some movies! THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS is the rare documentary that comes with a spoiler warning.

This Week at The Broad: Take a Vacation from Reality

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You are feeling it right now. The sudden urge to take a break from the heat and relax. This weekend, we invite you to take that break with us and catch one (or both) of our two new releases. Each one promises to be completely divorced from the reality around you. 
SORRY TO BOTHER YOU is the directorial debut from Boots Riley, the rapper-turned-filmmaker who’s style is getting compared favorably to filmmakers like Spike Lee and Spike Jonze.

This Week at The Broad: It’s a Beautiful Day in the Park

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It was an incredible weekend this past week (pun intended) as Incredibles 2 proved that maybe 14 years was just the right time for a sequel. With that big movie entering its second weekend, we are doubling down with two new movies that have been highly requested. 
JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM is the fifth entry in the Jurassic Park/World franchise and by now you know the formula: man messes with nature and nature messes with man much harder. The reason why we’re excited for this one is simple, that formula works really really well. Most of the gang from Jurassic World returns, and one Dr. Ian Malcolm comes back to the franchise that made him the most memeable man in the world.

This Week at The Broad: Yeah, It’s Scary

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Do you know what we do on slow Tuesday afternoons at The Broad? We like to tell scary stories around the daiquiri machine (did you know we have a new daiquiri machine?). This week’s new film is scarier than any story the bartenders have whipped up and that’s saying quite a lot. 
HEREDITARY is getting lots of comparisons to The Exorcist, and that’s high praise for fans of scary movies. Toni Colette stars in this thriller about family secrets that were best left secret.

This Week at The Broad: Who runs the world?

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This week is devoted to a certain segment of our audience base that we love dearly. This week is for the ladies. We’ve got two new movies this weekend about women who refuse to lay down and accept the status quo. Whether it’s a mom trying to save her family or a judge trying to save the Constitution, you will find some great inspiration in our picks this week. RBG is about the Supreme Court justice who is notorious for all the right reasons.

This Week at The Broad: Dancing April Away

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This April has felt like Summer, Spring, and Fall are all duking it out for weather supremacy. One of the great joys of going to the movies however has always been the joy of 72 degrees no matter what month it is. This week, we have a new independent film to entertain you as well as the continuation of our hugely popular $2 Tuesday series. Read on for more details. 
FOXTROT comes to us from Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz, whose previous film Lebanon was one of the most acclaimed films of 2009.

This Week at The Broad: Hell hath no fury…

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April is on the way, and with it comes our personal busy season of special events. We have concert films, sing-a-longs, $2 Tuesdays, and even a Film Festival all lined up next month. It is a veritable smorgasbord of cinema-related events. We kick things off this week with two special events and a brand new film added to our lineup. 
TYLER PERRY’S ACRIMONY is led by Taraji P. Henson, who just might be one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars.

This Week at The Broad: Spies and Secrets

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Another weekend in the books and more records broken. We’ve been amazed by the turnout the last two weeks and are so happy to meet more and more of our neighbors who are visiting The Broad for the first time. If this is your first newsletter or your 100th, we’ve got a bunch of new movies and special events to share with you. RED SPARROW opens this week, led by another stellar Jennifer Lawrence performance. You might have seen her in mother!