Repaving of Carrollton and Tulane set for week of July 8

The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans completed repairs to a broken water main and valve on the corner of South Carrollton Avenue and Tulane Avenue on Friday, June 28. The final repaving of the road is expected to take place the week of July 8, pending weather conditions. During repaving, one lane will remain open. Drivers are advised to expect delays.

S&WB cancels boil-water advisory for most of Uptown area

The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans, in consultation with the Louisiana Department of Health, has canceled the precautionary boil-water advisory for most residents and businesses in the Uptown area after bacteriological tests confirmed that water in the area was safe to drink and could be used for personal needs. Twenty-four properties will remain under the advisory. These properties lost water service entirely because their water lines are directly tied into the section of the 30-inch water main that had to be repaired. Door hangers have been hand-delivered by staff to each impacted property where the advisory remains in effect, and S&WB technicians have been dispatched to conduct further water quality tests on those blocks. Reisidents who have not used their water supply during this precautionary boil water advisory are advised to flush their internal and external plumbing by running water through their system for several minutes.

Boil-water advisory issued for Uptown residents

The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans has issued a precautionary boil water advisory for a limited Uptown area in bounded by South Carrollton Avenue to Napoleon Avenue and from South Claiborne Avenue to the Mississippi River. Water pressure in the affected area has dropped below 20 psi due to a water-main break on Claiborne Avenue near Soniat Street. S&WB has crews are working to isolate the leak and make repairs. Residents in the affected area are advised per Louisiana Department of Health not to drink, make ice or brush teeth, until further notice. Residents in the affected area that are immunocompromised are advised not to wash hands, shower or bathe.

S&WB repairing water main on Claiborne

The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans is conducting an emergency repair on a 30-inch water main under South Claiborne Avenue between Octavia and Upperline streets. Residents in the area may experience short-term low water pressure. Traffic restrictions on Claiborne will start today at 9 a.m.

The right and center lanes of downtown-bound traffic on Claiborne from Octavia to Jefferson Avenue will be closed. Riverbound traffic on Claiborne will not be allowed to turn onto Jefferson. The repair is expected to take three days to complete, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Sewerage & Water Board ordered to pay 10 more homeowners in Uptown drainage case

In a ruling issued Friday, Judge Nakisha Ervin-Knott awarded nearly three-quarters of a million dollars ($770,435) to 10 homeowners for damages resulting from the Southeast Louisiana Urban Drainage Project construction. The Sewerage & Water Board is responsible for the damage, the judge ruled. The trial is the third for Uptown homeowners suing S&WB for construction and vibration damage. S&WB must pay the homeowners’ attorneys’ fees and costs, pushing the award to over $1 million, according to plaintiff attorney Michael Whitaker. So far 25 cases have been litigated with 275 more to go.

Entire east bank of New Orleans under boil water advisory after drop in pressure

The Sewerage & Water Board issued a precautionary boil water advisory Saturday morning for the entire east bank of New Orleans. A drop in water pressure led to the advisory, according to the agency. The city’s Office of Emergency Preparedness issued the following guidelines on taking safe precautions during the boil water advisory. DON’T CONSUME TAP WATER
-Use bottled or boiled water to drink, cook, brush teeth, and mix baby formula. -Wash fruits and vegetables with bottled or boiled water.