Karen Carter Peterson won 2 out of 3 Uptown precincts in congressional race

Although Karen Carter Peterson ultimately lost against Troy Carter in the April 24 runoff election to fill Cedric Richmond’s seat in the House of Representatives, she made a decent showing in the Uptown neighborhoods of New Orleans. Preliminary election data from the Secretary of State shows that Carter Peterson got 53% of the vote in Uptown, winning 60 out of 92 precincts in the 2nd Congressional District. Carter Peterson tried to woo progressive voters with promises to support a $15 minimum wage, police reform, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for All. An endorsement from Gary Chambers, the progressive candidate who came in third place in the primary election on March 20, seemed to give her a big boost: 43 precincts that had voted for Chambers voted for her this time around, while only 14 Chambers precincts switched their allegiance to Troy Carter. Yet it was hard to stir up much excitement in the electorate for this off-season special election, held to fill Richmond’s seat after he took a position in President Joe Biden’s administration.