Suspect arrested within “minutes” of Garden District robbery attempt

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Willie McEleven (via

After a robbery attempt early Tuesday evening on Washington Avenue near Camp Street, investigators arrested a man moments later who was identified by the victim, police said.

A man was walking home from work just before 6 p.m. in the 1200 block of Washington when he was approached by stranger who demanded his money, according to a police report. The victim ran away, yelling for help, and his attacker jumped into a silver Impala, police said.

Minutes later, members of an NOPD Sixth District Task force patrolling the Irish Channel stopped a silver Impala at Chippewa and Soraparu and saw a passenger, 20-year-old Willie McEleven, who fit the description of the robber, police said. The victim was able to identify McEleven, and he was arrested on a charge of attempted simple robbery.

If convicted on the attempted simple robbery charge, McEleven faces up to three and a half years in prison and up to $1,500 in fines, according to state statutes.

Location of Tuesday night’s robbery attempt, shown by the blue marker. The suspect was arrested at Soraparu and Chippewa, in the lower right corner of the map. (map via

12 thoughts on “Suspect arrested within “minutes” of Garden District robbery attempt

  1. So, where did he “ditch” the gun? Not even a PUNK like “Mr. Eleven” could be so STUPID as to not commit a robbery without a gun! Suppose some of the “Bras” in the hood wanted to take what he had just stolen? And what about the “Silver Impala”? Was IT stolen (probably – no one would be so STUPID as to use his own car, or a Family Member’ s car, in a robbery). If it was owned by a Family Member, who was that Family Member and what kind of record did he or she have? And what about “Mr. McEleven” (can’t be his “real” name)? On a charge of “simple robbery” he’ll be out of Parish Prison before the weekend, if he isn’t out already. But if we add car theft and his prior record to the equation, maybe, just maybe, Mr. McEleven would qualify as a career criminal. Otherwise, the law-abiding citizens of new Orleans will just be “whistling Dixie” about “poor Mr. McEleven, a misguided and terribly misunderstood YOUT, who Society let down again, and again, and again. Ashton O’Dwyer

    • “If it was owned by a Family Member, who was that Family Member and what kind of record did he or she have?”

      What exactly would that matter?

    • Mr. O’Dwyer, maybe, just maybe, the city could hire another police officer if you would pay the $74,000 in property taxes that you haven’t paid in 3 years.

  2. The car was probably a rental. That seems to be the new trend, this city and nation are in a sad state and will continue to be until all people are held accountable. The level and sense of entitilememt is so high that it is a given these days. Robert, please keep us updated on “Willie”.

  3. Mr. McElven, a 19 year old who picked up his 9th felony charge yesterday and is currently on parole for burglary, receives a $20,000 bond and the sheriff’s website states his bond has been posted by a bail bonding company already. Twenty-four hour turn-a-round, Ninth felony arrest for a parolee – to freedom in under twenty-four hours. The police seem to be all over this non- productive citizen who is given chance, after chance, after chance. The sympathetic, holistic approach is failing.

    • Mr. Mrs.or Ms.Reform,
      You often praise Robert Morris and Uptown Messenger, please allow me to turn the tables-
      Thanks you!!!!
      Please keep us informed- as we no longer have a Newspaper and their is only one Robert…
      Best from Freret,
      Mr. Brott

  4. To JIM: The Louisiana Criminal Code prohibits “Criminal Conspiracy”. as in: “Willie, take the car, honey, and see what you can steal.”, as well as being “an Assessory After the Fact”, as in, “Hey, Willie, honey, you done ‘good’. Let me hide the stash for you so the cops can’t find it. What did you do with the gun? I’ll hide that, too.” See Louisiana Revised Statutes, Title 14, Sections 26 and 25, It REALLY distresses me that this SCUM, “Willie McEleven” is already out of jail, thanks to a “crooked” Judge (can we have his or her name, please?) and McEleven’s politically-connected lawyer (can we have his name, please?), while i was forced to languish for 34 days in solitary confinement, courtesy of Jim Lettenemgo and his corrupt gang of THUGS on totally “trumped-up” charges, which I finally BEAT, after fighting the Federal Government for almost 2 years. But I did “learn” something “rubbing elbows” with the Willie McElevens of this world from time to time: THEY COME FROM A “CULTURE OF CORRUPTION”. Someone has to own the car (the “Willies” can’t),; someone has to furnish a place for the Willies to sleep; someone has to cook for and feed the Willies; someone has to wash clothes for the Willies (or they would STINK, “worse”); and someone has to give the Willies a place to shower and bathe. In return, Ma-Ma or GrandMa or Auntie or Cousin Lashanda or Niece Keenesha or “Ya Ho!” or “Bitch” shares in the fruits of Willies’ labors, including breeding multiple illegitimate children, which generates money when things are “slow” for the Willies. And the whole cycle starts again when the illegitimate males reach age 12 or thereabouts. Ashton O’Dwyer.


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