Supporters of greener Mardi Gras hold fundraising gala Thursday at NOLA Brewing

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Supporters of a greener Mardi Gras with throws that benefit the New Orleans economy are holding the “Throw Me Something Local: A Green Mardi Gras Ball” fundraiser on Thursday at NOLA Brewery.

For details, see the news release below:

I Heart Louisiana, LifeCity, Stay Local! and NOLA Brewery are partnering to host a “Throw Me Something Local: A Green Mardi Gras Ball.” The event is on Thursday, February 20th, from 7pm-10pm, at NOLA Brewery (3001 Tchoupitoulas Street).

The event is open to the public and has a suggested donation of $20, with proceeds benefiting local organizations working to green and localize Mardi Gras. Green attire and recycled costumes are encouraged, and a prize will be awarded to the best costume. NOLA Brewery local beer and light fare, compliments of Cafe Carmo, Liberty’s Kitchen, and Cafe Hope’s Green Dot Cafe will be served. Register on Facebook here:

“Why throw away all the waste Mardi Gras creates when we could be creating and sustaining jobs here with local throws and recycling efforts?” said Elizabeth Shephard. “We believe we can maintain all the joie de vivre in Mardi Gras while supporting the local economy at the same time. The Green Ball is our chance to celebrate those efforts in our community.”

The ball will feature the second annual “Throw Me Something Local Contest,” a city-wide contest that highlights carnival throws produced by local artists, crafts people and business owners. The entries will be on display at the ball, and attendees will vote on their favorite throws in each category. Prizes from a variety of local businesses will be awarded to the winning throws, and the winning throws will be made available for sale through the “I Heart Louisiana” website. All those interested in submitting their locally made carnival throws are encouraged to enter by registering at

This contest and ball falls on the heels of a report released in December by, Ecology Center and Verdi Gras that revealed numerous chemical hazards found in Mardi Gras beads & holiday beaded garlands. The report tested 87 common Mardi Gras necklaces, bracelets and other accessories, and found that over 60% of the products tested had concentrations of lead above the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s limits for children’s products, as well as dangerous levels of bromine, chlorine and phalates.

The Throw Me Something Local Contest and Green Mardi Gras Ball will shine light on how New Orleans can parade the way to a sustainable future- one that has all the culture, heritage and ruckus joy that is the Gras- while preserving our natural resources and local economy.

Stay Local! is New Orleans’ independent business alliance, a non-profit membership organization that connects local, independent businesses with customers, resources and each other. LifeCity is a membership-based organization that supports the development of green business in Louisiana, while educating citizens about sustainable products and services. I Heart Louisiana provides krewes with eco-friendly, locally sourced Carnival throws. NOLA Brewery create refreshing, high-quality beers at their New Orleans brewery.

For more information on the Green Ball contact: Liz Shephard at

For more information on the Throw Me Something Local contest, contact: Katrina Brees at or Mark Strella at

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