Wave of robberies, carjackings at gunpoint over past week along upper Claiborne corridor

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Six robberies and one home-invasion at gunpoint reported in the blocks around South Claiborne since Nov. 29. (via NOPD.com)

Seven armed robberies — including two carjackings and a home invasion — have been reported within sight of South Claiborne Avenue in the university area over the last week, pitting Uptown residents who ventured outside to put out the trash, repair a car, wait for a shuttle or make a cell phone call against gun-carrying muggers on almost a nightly basis.

The most two recent cases took place Monday evening. At 4:22 p.m., the victim was in his backyard in the 5800 block of South Tonti near Nashville Avenue in Broadmoor, working on a truck, when a stranger showed up armed with a silver handgun and robbed him of his keys, credit cards, a cell phone and a $1 bill, according to the report.

About three hours later, a victim in the 6100 block of Delord Street (a small side street between State and Calhoun just off Claiborne) was taking the trash to the curb when a man with a bandana over the lower part of his face and a black gun in his hand, the report states. He demanded the victim’s phone and car keys, then drove off in his white 2003 four-door Mercedez Benz sedan (with a Louisiana license plate of MOA 159), the report states.

The night before, about 11:55 p.m. Sunday evening, a home-invasion robbery was reported in the 7800 block of Spruce Street, about four blocks off Claiborne in the Carrollton neighborhood. One night prior to that, about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, an armed robbery was reported in the 6200 block of South Claiborne, near Calhoun Street. Reports for those two cases were not immediately available.

About 6:40 p.m. Friday, two victims, aged 63 and 57, were robbed at gunpoint in a driveway in the 2200 block of Fern, according to the NOPD major offense log.

And earlier last week, two groups of students in Carrollton — one group on Cherokee, and the other on Broadway — were robbed within minutes of each other Wednesday night. On Tuesday evening, a carjacking was reported on Robert Street in Broadmoor and investigators believe the stolen Honda Accord may have been used the following day in a deadly drive-by shooting just outside Johnson Elementary.

9 thoughts on “Wave of robberies, carjackings at gunpoint over past week along upper Claiborne corridor

  1. why no specific descriptions of the perps? we need to know who to look out for and avoid. The NOPD has this information, please share it with us. What do these thugs look like?

    • Steve, I always report any identifiable information that I have in these cases. Unfortunately, the description in each of these is pretty sketchy. The gunman on Tonti Street case was “stocky,” while the Delord Street carjacker was “tall and thin.” Based on that, Uptown residents ought to be looking out for anyone who’s stocky or thin — which doesn’t help much. If there had been clothing descriptions, identifiable tattoos, anything in the report, I’d have written it. But there are three of these cases that I haven’t gotten the reports on yet, and if they contain more specifics I’ll report that.

      I would point out that in two of these cases, we do have extremely detailed descriptions — of the cars that were taken, which are more identifiable than individuals anyway. Last week’s carjacking was a gold/tan 2005 Honda Accord with Pennsylvania plates, and Monday’s carjacking was of a white 2003 four-door Mercedez Benz sedan (with a Louisiana license plate of MOA 159). Anyone who sees either of these vehicles should call 911 immediately, both for your own safety and hopefully to take a criminals off the street.

      My house is on that map, Steve — trust me, I want these robberies to end as much as anybody, and I consider sharing as much information as I can about them my role in stopping them.

      • I was almost robbed at 1:30p.m. on Louisana Avenue between Constance and Laurel on the uptown side of the street. The young man was African American, tall ,thin and wearing a baggy grey hooded sweatshirt with Tulane Green Wave on it. He appeared to be late teens. The getaway car was parked on opposite side of Louisiana at Constance. Small older 4 door goldish car with smashed in rear. Could not get license plate…..wonder if this boy and his team are part of the other robberies.

  2. It is really important for people to call in anything that looks suspicious. Suspicious would be an unfamiliar person lurking around an area, perhaps someone looking into cars or trying door handles, an unknown vehicle idling. Be aware of unknown people knocking at your door and do not open unless you know who the person is. All too often these situations go without a call to the police. The NOPD requests that all suspicious activity be reported immediately. If the NOPD is aware that suspicious activity is happening in a particular area they will monitor that area more carefully. Another word of caution. As sad it is, in our world today you must maintain vigilance at all times, it could save your life.

  3. Remember all; police are reactive. It’s our job to be proactive. Watch out for each other and report everything.Stay armed and defend whats yours if necessary. It’s obviously (hopefully) just one or two thugs. Keep us posted Uptown Messenger.

  4. NOPD just sent out an alert that a woman was kidnapped, robbed and raped at gunpoint. 1600 Nashville Ave. Very close to home and very scary. Uptown crime is out of control.

  5. Can anyone provide the best number to call in suspicious activity? Preferably a number where the operator speaks standard English and is receptive to residents’ concerns….

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