Relationship questioned between Tchoupitoulas area bars, off-duty officers

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Patrols by off-duty NOPD officers around F&M Patio Bar and Grill near Tchoupitoulas and Lyons have been canceled while the department determine if its policy against officers working for bars has been violated, Brendan McCarthy of the Times-Picayune reports. F&M attorney Justin Schmidt told the newspaper that the officers are not associated with the bar and have already been exonerated, though that has not been confirmed.

The bars are already operating under a consent decree with the city over problems in past years.

5 thoughts on “Relationship questioned between Tchoupitoulas area bars, off-duty officers

    • Unfortunately I don’t. The only Wisner Park blog I’m aware of is the Friends of Wisner Park blog set up for the playground build, but that’s not it. If anyone can provide a link I’d appreciate it as well.

  1. The same sleaze bag lawyer represents every bar that completely disregards it’s neighbors and causes problems. It’d be ice if the police or city council or someone would step up for the residents who haveto live around these bars.

    I have an idea–we should open loud bars near all of the council member’s homes. Then something would get done.

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