Redevelopment of former Nine Inch Nails studio on Magazine, Audubon Charter expansion on Broadway return to city board

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The planned redevelopment of the former Nine Inch Nails recording studio on Magazine Street and the proposed expansion of Audubon Charter School both return to a city board Wednesday morning seeking waivers required to start their projects.

The owners of the old Nothing Studios on Magazine near Jena Street intend to redevelop the property into a combination of the existing residential units, a space for a doctor’s office, and ground-floor retail space. The large building would technically require nearly 60 parking spaces, and the ownership of the lot being proposed to satisfy that requirement caused some consternation for members of the Board of Zoning Adjustments last month. The owners of the building were instructed to meet with the neighborhood a second time before Wednesday’s meeting.

Similarly, the firm handling the expansion of Audubon Charter School’s Broadway campus asked last month for more time to meet with neighbors about that project. The actual waiver sought by the school — permission to bring the building’s rear side closer to Pine Street — is uncontroversial, but residents around the neighborhood view the request as an opportunity for a more formal, permanent solution to traffic congestion around the block during drop-off and pick-up times.

New business on Wednesday’s agenda may prove less dramatic:

  • A property owner in the 3900 block of Tchoupitoulas Street is seeking after-the-fact permission for a single-family home with front and side yard space about 7 inches too small, and lacking the required off-street parking space.
  • The Full Gospel Baptist Church is seeking a one-space parking waiver at 2317 S. Liberty Street, where a group home is planned on a vacant lot.
  • A property owner in the 2400 block of Valmont Street hopes to build a single-family home on a vacant lot with a total area, total width and front yard each about 25 percent smaller than required.

The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. in the City Planning Commission’s ninth-floor conference room at 1340 Poydras.

3 thoughts on “Redevelopment of former Nine Inch Nails studio on Magazine, Audubon Charter expansion on Broadway return to city board

  1. The building requires “60 parking spaces”!! That’s a good way to chase all the other businesses out of the area. That’s three blocks on each side of the street for one business. What’s next? Nobody is going to want to open other businesses around there, since one business absorbs all the parking.

  2. from what I have been told and I do not know if this is correct. But, the front door of this place is actually the front door from Sharon Tates house, where charles manson family commited the murders.

    • While I’m not sure about the frontdoor being the same door from Sharon Tates house it certainly is a possibility. Trent Reznor not only owned the Tate house but I’m fairly sure Marilyn Manson recorded his smells like children album. I’ll tell you what though. Regardless of all that since this is the old recording studio for nothing records some crazy shit went on in there.

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