Police: Camellia Grill burglaries may be inside job

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The Camellia Grill on South Carrollton Avenue has been broken into twice within a month by thieves burrowing through a wall, and investigators believe that employees of the landmark restaurant may be involved.

The first burglary was in early October, and surveillance video from inside the store shows a masked intruder coming through a hole in the wall, walking immediately to the video camera and turning it away, said Sgt. Warren Keller of the NOPD property-crimes division. The cash box was then stolen from a safe, Keller said.

This past Friday, the Camellia Grill was struck again, and the burglary followed the same exact pattern: a man with something over his face comes through the wall in the exact same spot and goes straight for the camera, and the business’s money turns up missing again, Keller said.

“Every indication is that it’s someone familiar with the office,” Keller said.

Several of the restaurant’s employees were hired through the sheriff’s work release program, Keller said, so the suspect may already have a criminal history.

5 thoughts on “Police: Camellia Grill burglaries may be inside job

  1. perhaps getting a tax break is not worth subjecting the other employees, as well as the establishment itself to individuals who have demonstrated no desire for rehabilitation.

  2. I like Camellia Grill, but I won’t return until the prisoners are replaced with professional personnel who have passed a good background check.

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