7 thoughts on “New owner of historic home has been trying for years to demolish it. With the council’s reluctant OK, now he can.

    • What if the recent city council voted to deny demolition, wouldn’t the owner have to weatherize and enclose the building within a certain time period or get fined again for demolition by neglect? Can the people of uptown as an aggregate appeal this city council vote? Appeal!!

  1. This is ridiculous. That house is ugly and about as historic as 1950s cracker box houses are in the US Midwest. I see the case for certain New Orleans homes, but this eyesore needs to be taken down asap! Why not institute guidelines with the architects to have them incorporate historic elements into the new build??

  2. https://nextdoor.com/p/x9-h5MdKS2jy?utm_source=share&extras=Njc4OTcyNA%3D%3D

    1230 WEBSTER (corner Prytania):
    (posted July 6, 2023)

    A resident of Audubon Riverside alerted me to this—an application for demolition (the Safety and Permits master permit) by reason of imminent danger of collapse (“IDC”) at 1230 Webster, filed yesterday (July 5).

    An HDLC demolition permit was issued TODAY (July 6):

    There had been two meaningless adjudication proceedings at Code Enforcement about 1230 Webster so far this year, and a third had been scheduled for August 1, 2023—but naturally the hearing is no longer listed:

    Claire Byun and Amanda Rizzo of the District A Councilman’s office were present at the CE meetings on 3/2/23 and 5/1/23; and attorney Miles Granderson of Sherman Strategies was also there to represent owner-developer-violator Dr. Curt Freudenberger of Huntsville, Alabama. No fines were levied.

    Code Enforcement said in March and May: “We’re watching this property.”

    We always knew where the project would end up. Seems there is no mechanism for preventing a piecemeal demolition like this.

    BACKGROUND—June 28, 2022:

    Photos of 1230 Webster:
    (1) Feb. 6, 2023, taken by a neighbor
    (2) Nov. 6, 2022, assessor’s website
    (3) July 23, 2022, taken by a neighbor
    (4) Apr. 2022, taken by a neighbor
    (5) Dec. 15, 2019, assessor’s website (house intact)

    Original elevations/interiors here:


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