Nix library set to reopen following extensive air-condition repairs

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Nix Library (Robert Morris,

A major air-conditioning system failure has kept Carrollton’s Nix Library closed since early June, but it will reopen as soon as the system can be replaced, officials reassured a concerned neighborhood Monday night.

City officials examined the building last Friday, and hope to have a timeline for repairs within a week or so, said Jessica Styons, the acting associate director of branch services for New Orleans Public Libraries at a meeting of the Central Carrollton Association. The replacement could cost as much as $30,000, and will have to be installed through the narrow attic access of an upstairs window, said building maintenance supervisor Bill South.

The system failure during the hottest part of the year was particularly unfortunate, said Nix branch manager Damian Lambert, as the building could have possibly remained open without air conditioning had the unit broke down in the fall. His staff is regularly returning to ventilate the building to protect the books inside, he said.

Money for the project will come out of the city’s capital projects budget, not the library maintenance budget, said Kelly Butler, a representative from Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s office also present at the meeting.

A sign on the doors informs library patrons that the Nix branch is closed. (Robert Morris,

News that the repair process is underway puts to rest the rumor that the closure was “the beginning of the end” for Nix, said Phyllis Jordan, vice president of the Central Carrollton Association.

“Once it was understood that they’re making a capital improvement in the building, it reinforces the idea that they’re not going to close the thing down,” Jordan said.

The Nix branch is popular among Carrollton residents, Jordan said. As soon as it closed in June, Styons said residents began calling to ask when it will reopen.

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2 thoughts on “Nix library set to reopen following extensive air-condition repairs

  1. This is good news about Nix will reopen after repairs or at-least in the fall or winter even without the conditioning (as Damian suggests). Nevertheless, I still wonder, what will be the future of Nix according to the Master Plan for Libraries?

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