7 thoughts on “Leonidas removed from list of streets to be renamed

  1. I find it really odd that the commission has decided to rename Jeff Davis after a former President of Xavier who either through ignorance or complicity approver a fraud on the Federal Govt. of at least $12 Million. I refer to the falsified application to FEMA for Katrina damage. This included but was probably not limited to damage to the basement of a building that has no basement, and God alone knows what else has been swept under the rug.

  2. Nice article and a bit disappointing regarding Mr. Sterbcow’s vote. (I did send him an email too). I am not impressed with the “historians” who are doing the research for the commission. After taking 5 minutes, I found a reference to Leonidas Street in the Town of Carrollton on page 3 of the March 20, 1844 edition of the New Orleans “The Daily Picayune”. This is a reference that is 11 years older than the one found by the experts. I will be sending the reference to the Commissioners. I put a link to the website with the referenced paper. It is toward the bottom of the second column, #9 in the J.B. Blache paragraph. If you give me your email, I will send you the download.

  3. If Leonidas and Walker get a pass? Why was the Italian Community not allowed the same courtesy with the local Italian landmark Tivoli? The entire process is a closed minded secret back room fiasco. Fix the potholes and stop wasting funds on street signs for names no one can spell.

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