Landry picked up nearly every precinct led by Dinkler to win District 91

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Blue precincts are those won by Mandie Landry; green are those won by Robert McKnight. Darker shades of each color represent precincts where the candidate won by 60 percent of the vote or more. (map by

Robert McKnight

Mandie Landry

The October primary for the District 91 seat in the state House of Representatives was nearly a three-way tie in votes cast between Robert McKnight, Mandie Landry and third-place finisher Carling Dinkler.

To secure her victory in the runoff Saturday night, Landry picked up nearly every precinct where Dinkler had led — ultimately holding McKnight to the same number of precincts where he led in the primary.

(via Secretary of State)

In October, McKnight led in 23 precincts of the district’s 53 voting precincts. Dinkler led in 17; Landry led in 12 and Dinkler and Landry tied exactly in one.

On Saturday, Landry won 30 of the 53. Despite Dinkler’s endorsement of McKnight, Landry won all of Dinkler’s precincts except one (Ward 14 Precinct 25 in Broadmoor), and she picked up two where McKnight had led in October (Ward 10 Precinct 3 in the Lower Garden District and Ward 11 Precinct 11 in Central City).

McKnight maintained his count of 23 precincts by adding the Broadmoor from Dinkler and picking up one where Landry had led previously, Ward 12 Precinct 13 in the Milan neighborhood.

The bellwether precinct on Saturday — where Landry won by 52.9 percent of the vote, the same as her total for the district overall — was Ward 11 Precinct 11, along Baronne Street on either side of Washington Avenue in Central City.

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