Krewe of Carrollton, Knights of King Arthur roll Sunday

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The Knights of King Arthur’s Queen Guinevere, Pam Dean Goodard, smiles as she prepares throw a toy football into the Napoleon Avenue crowd. (Robert Morris,

The Krewe of Carrollton and Knights of King Arthur rolled Sunday afternoon on the Uptown route.

A member of the Krewe of Carrollton on the “Day at the Jazzfest” float tosses beads into the St. Charles Avenue crowd. (Robert Morris,

Krewe of Carrollton

The Krewe of Carrollton King LXXXIX, John Louis Echeverri, smiles as his float rides down Napoleon Avenue toward St. Charles Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Queen Carrollton LXXXIX Alexandra Elizabeth Pfefferle rides down Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Children clamor for beads from the Krewe of Carrollton’s title float, “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler,” in spite of the construction on Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

A xylophone player marches in the De La Salle High School band in the Krewe of Carrollton parade. (Robert Morris,

Riders hurl beads from the Carrollton “Cruising the River” float. (Robert Morris,

The Krewe of Carrollton “Trip to the Aquarium” float rolls down Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Members of the Krewe of Carrollton toss beads from the “Streetcar Rides on the Avenue” float. (Robert Morris,

The Cohen College Prep band marches down Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

The Krewe of Carrollton’s “Enjoying a Seafood Boil” float rolls past a place where seafood is boiled on a regular basis. (Robert Morris,

Knights of King Arthur

The Donaldsonville Air Force ROTC spreads a massive American flag across Napoleon Avenue ahead of the Knights of King Arthur parade. (Robert Morris,

The McMain Mustangs marching band leads the King Arthur Parade on Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Jason Ginty of Rock 92.3 was grand marshal of the Krewe of King Arthur parade, along with fellow DJ Stacy Brady. (Robert Morris,

King Arthur XXXVI, Michael Knight, rides on his float up Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Several floats in the Knights of King Arthur parade featured brass bands playing among the costumed riders. (Robert Morris,

Members of the Knights of Sparta toss beads to parade goers on Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

A float in the Knights of King Arthur parade blames the “Black and Gold Blues” on the controversial commissioner of the NFL. (Robert Morris,

The Sophie B. Wright band performs on Napoleon Avenue in front of their school. (Robert Morris,

A rider in the Knights of King Arthur tosses beads, surrounded by large plush versions of cartoon characters. (Robert Morris,

A pint-sized soldier marches in front of the ReNEW Reed Elementary middle school dance team on Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Riders in the Knights of King Arthur parade toss beads on Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

The Andrew H. Wilson Charter School dance team performs on Napoleon Avenue. (Robert Morris,

See below for our live coverage.

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