Election brings out only the most dedicated of voters

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An unusual election with a short slate of candidates was generally expected to bring few voters to the polls, and Saturday’s wet weather is likely pushing turnout even lower, election workers at Uptown precincts said.

At the New Orleans School for Math and Science, only a dozen voters had made it through the drizzle by noon to cast ballots at each of the two 14th Ward precincts there.

“Both precincts are usually very well represented,” said poll worker Jane Fleshman during a break between voters. “The weather is having a little effect, but we weren’t expecting much turnout anyway.”

Seven precincts across three wards have polling places at Eleanor McMain High School on S. Claiborne, but not many more voters were there. Among those who showed, interest was highest in the four-way Democratic Congressional primary.

Shrugging off the rain as little impediment to his “civic duty,” Ernest Turner of Broadmoor said was there to vote for state Rep. Cedric Richmond. “I don’t have anything against any candidate,” Turner said. “He’s just best for the job.”

Olger Twyner, another Broadmoor resident voting at the school, said he had studied information from the League of Women Voters and attended several meet-and-greet events to get to know the Congressional candidates, since he has only lived in New Orleans for two years. He declined to share his choice, but said he based it on what he heard at the events.

“It’s more about what the candidate has to say,” Twyner said. “Does it match up with what I feel about things? Is what the person saying really consistent, and really believable?”

Polls remain open until 8 p.m.

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