‘Doors into Daydreams’ art exhibition brings bold color to Magazine Street (sponsored)

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Uptown just got more colorful.

Mason Dupré, a Louisiana native by way of St. Charles Parish and a current Uptown dweller, is excited to bring his work to historic Magazine St. The colorful new art exhibition, “Doors into Daydreams,” is currently being featured at 3701 Magazine Street until June 20th.

“Doors into Daydreams” featured at 3701 Magazine St.

The inspirational collection focuses on mental health, while bringing a vivid experience of life through the use of bright acrylics on large-scale, delicate glass panes.

“Doors into Daydreams” exhibition is an immersive concept show, wherein the artist uses his medium to communicate the autobiographical experience with bipolar disorder. In an effort to bring awareness and give back to the local community, net ticket sales from the show be donated to NAMI New Orleans and We Help NOLA.

Dupré’s style is influenced deeply by the abstract impressionists of the 20th century, most notably by Rothko, Newman, Motherwell and Pollock, as he uses color theory and technique to communicate deep feeling and experience.

While much of his work is long, sweeping brush strokes, his current collection on display is about perfection of thought and form; after applying the paint to the glass, he goes through a methodical process of carving out perfect geometrical shapes into the paint.

“Doors into Daydreams” featured at 3701 Magazine St.

Dupré is currently working with layered glass panes, hand cut and crafted himself, then manipulates acrylic paints across them using industrial tools such as squeegees and trowels. He then traces shapes out of the paint using razors and glass cutters, creating a distinctive look.

While exploring the weight of the lows, Dupré’s vibrant primary colors signal a rebirth, and is ultimately a celebration of the return to one’s new mind and new self with no bounds.

To find more information and learn more about the artist, please visit www.medsart.com and the “Doors into Daydreams” art exhibition at 3701 Magazine St.


Artist Mason Dupre featured at 3701 Magazine St.



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