Cohen High offers its students a $100 vaccination incentive

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Courtesy of Walter L. Cohen High School

Cohen Principal Victoria Getrridge, left, joins newly vaccinated students Pablo J. Ixcotoyac, Jennifer Gallardo and John Fields and Cohen Principal Keycia Wright at the vaccination event.

Walter L. Cohen High School, at 3520 Dryades St. in the Milan neighborhood, is offering $100 to eligible students who have received or will receive the Covid-19 vaccine. At a vaccination event on Thursday (Nov. 18), around 40 students took advantage of the offer and received their first or second shot.

The initiative began Sept. 12, following the lead of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ vaccine incentives for Louisiana college students.

Any student currently enrolled and over the age of 14 is eligible for a one-time cash payment of $20 upon receiving the first dose, and a one-time cash payment of $80 upon receiving the second dose of the FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine.

About 51% of students have already received cash incentives, with the goal of a 100% fully vaccinated student body. In addition, all Cohen employees are fully vaccinated, with some receiving their booster shots during the vaccination event.

Students who have already received either dose of the vaccine are eligible for the same financial benefit, with proof of vaccination.

At Thursday’s event, shots were administered in coordination with New Orleans East Hospital, a partnership started to promote further vaccinations in the Cohen community. They are planning another vaccination event in December.

Should additional doses be available, Cohen opens its doors to the families of students who would like to receive a shot. No financial incentive will be provided for non-enrolled individuals. Some community members received a shot at last week’s event.

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