City won’t restore Thoth’s traditional Uptown route, Times-Picayune reports

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Sabree Hill, Uptown Messenger file photo

Families gather on Henry Clay Ave. for the Thoth parade.

The city will not readjust the Krewe of Thoth’s 2022 route to allow the parade to bring Carnival to patients in medical institutions along its idiosyncratic path that includes Henry Clay Avenue, Doug MacCash reports in The Times-Picayune | New Orleans Advocate and

The New Orleans Police Department does not plan to accommodate krewe officials’ proposal to remove the downtown section of the parade to keep its traditional route deep into the Uptown neighborhood, Mayor’s Office spokesperson Beau Tidwell told MacCash. “The routes announced in December will stand for this season,” Tidwell said.

4 thoughts on “City won’t restore Thoth’s traditional Uptown route, Times-Picayune reports

    • That is not an option. Our parading slot could be given away to another organization and then we would have to fight to get it back. We haven’t paraded in 20 months, beads have been purchased and floats prepared (the Krewe is loading this week), and not parading would mean dues refunds to members and could irreparably harm the Krewe’s finances.

      • Your effort to try to resolve this via compromise was still much appreciated. It’s too bad that the city has been unwilling to bend on their end. I truly hope that you would try to keep going with efforts to have the route restored in 2023 and beyond. It does mean a whole lot to the neighborhood.

  1. This is yet another example of the Mayor’s office inability to serve the voters who elected her and property and business owners who pay excessive taxes and fees with continuing diminished basic services like public safety, reliable and honest water/energy services and usable roads and sidewalks. In this case the only parade that was founded to provide Mardi Gras to these hospitals and nursing homes is summarily dismissed without any concern for community relations or impacts.

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