Joe Giarrusso: Your trust and confidence (sponsored)

Dear Friend,
Your trust and confidence has been so important to my service on the City Council. I want to continue the work we’ve started––and ask for your vote this Saturday. As your representative on the Council, I took the lead–– working with state, federal and local officials––to clean up the mess after Hurricane Ida, restore public services and keep our streets safe. I stood up for our district and put pressure on city waste haulers, Entergy, the Sewerage & Water Board and Cox Cable to do their jobs––and I’ll continue this fight until every problem is resolved. Effective and fair law enforcement is essential to public safety.

Viewpoint: Will incumbents rule the day in Saturday’s election?

Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s re-election became even more of a certainty after her announcement Tuesday (Nov. 9) that she is abandoning the idea of relocating City Hall to the Municipal Auditorium in Armstrong Park. Even with the anti-Cantrell vote and the personal support her 13 opponents have garnered, Cantrell is still expected to take it in the first round. Four years ago she won with 60% of the vote. Opponents who could win at least a small portion of the votes include small business owner Vina Nguyen, fitness expert Leilani Heno and activist Belden Batiste. 

Many of the other incumbents on the ballot might not coast to victory as easily as Cantrell.

JP Morrell: In case you missed it (sponsored)

You only have until Saturday, Nov. 6, to vote early for JP at these locations. 
ICYMI: Here’s a Rundown of What Happened This Week:

Every local newspaper (yes, you read that right) is endorsing JP
This week, all the city’s premier Black-owned newspapers – New Orleans Tribune, Louisiana Weekly, and Data News Weekly – joined with the Times-Picayune and Gambit in choosing JP as their endorsed candidate for City Council At-Large, Div. 2. >> Keep Reading

‘Women for JP’ Show the Love
Hundreds of women advocates and community leaders rallied this week for JP Morrell, the only candidate in the race endorsed by the Independent Women’s Organization. 
>> See the List

JP sets the record straight
After Kristin Palmer doubles down on her lies about his family and attacks his decorated NOPD officer brothers, JP sets the record straight. >> Watch Video

On a TV near you! We launched our campaign with a single message: It shouldn’t be this hard to live in a city we love.

Watch: Neighbors share stories of Joe Giarrusso’s relentless focus on quality of life. Early voting open through Saturday (sponsored)

Join Team Joe G! Saturday will be your last chance to vote early for Joe Giarrusso, but it’s not too late to join the many elected officials, civic organizations, newspapers, and neighborhood leaders on Team Joe G (check them all out below). Click Here to Join Us & Get Yard Signs

As you may have seen, we’ve been sharing videos of District A residents saying how important Joe’s relentless focus on quality of life issues and responsiveness are to them. Watch the videos, and stay tuned for new ones on Joe’s social media:

Watch the neighbor videos we released since our last email to you:


Viewpoint: Soft early-voting numbers portend low election turnout

With Covid-19 and Hurricane Ida, plus Jamie Winston’s torn ACL and Michael Thomas’ ankle injury, New Orleans voters are burned out. Although we are in the process of electing a mayor, City Council members and other municipal officials, many New Orleanians don’t even know or care about what’s on the ballot. The early polls are proof of this.  We’ve already passed the midway point in early voting for the Nov. 13 elections.

Times-Picayune and Gambit endorse JP Morrell (sponsored)

The Times-Picayune I Advocate and Gambit both endorse JP Morrell

Today, the Times-Picayune/Advocate and Gambit both announced they are endorsing JP Morrell for New Orleans City Council at-large, Division 2, in the Nov. 13 election. Early voting starts Saturday and is available through Nov. 6, excluding Sunday. The Times-Picayune wrote in its endorsement:

Our choice, though, is attorney and former state Sen. JP Morrell, a big-picture thinker who doesn’t get lost in the weeds.

Joe Giarrusso endorsed by The Times-Picayune, and The Gambit (sponsored)

Joe Giarrusso has earned endorsements from the Times-Picayune and Gambit, adding to a long list (below) that includes senators, representatives, School Board members, and a host of elected officials and civic organizations. Both papers stress Joe’s unrelenting but reasonable approach to quality-of-life issues. In endorsing Joe, The Times-Picayune writes:

Giarrusso brought a quality-of-life focus to the council during his first term. Giarrusso, who chairs the Public Works, Sanitation and Environment Committee, has been an aggressive but fair-minded watchdog over the city’s infrastructure functions and the Sewerage & Water Board. He’s effectively advocated for his diverse constituents, including residents of the university area concerned over the disruptive “doubles to dorms” trend.

Viewpoint: How will election apathy affect the statewide constitutional amendments?

With the unusual level of apathy that has pervaded this year’s election cycle, supporters of the four constitutional amendments on the ballot are naturally worried that the few citizens who plan on voting will just skip over them. “Voters tend to ignore ballot measures that they know nothing about,” said one consultant yesterday. Still, supporters and opponents of the various initiatives are pushing ahead toward election day, Saturday Nov. 13. 

Ballot language can be confusing — and sometimes even misleading. Voters should read and study the amendments carefully.  

“I encourage people to read about all of the amendments and visit information sources like the Public Affairs Research Council and the Louisiana Budget Project,” said state Rep. Aimee Adatto Freeman. 

Constitutional Amendment 1 would streamline how state and local sales taxes are collected by creating an electronic filing and remittance system.

U.S. Congressman Troy Carter Endorses JP Morrell (sponsored)

U.S. Congressman Troy Carter Endorses JP Morrell

United States Congressman Troy Carter is endorsing JP Morrell for New Orleans City Council At-Large, Division 2 in the Nov. 13 election. Early voting is Oct. 30 through Nov. 6, excluding Sunday. Along with Congressman Carter’s endorsement, Morrell is the ONLY candidate endorsed by Governor John Bel Edwards, the Democratic Party, and theIndependent Women’s Organization, among many others.

A Letter from LaToya Cantrell (sponsored)


It has been the honor of my life to serve as your mayor and I’m writing to ask for your vote on November 13 so that we can build on the progress we have made the past three years. In that time, we have been presented with challenges we could never have imagined, but we have also achieved things that we were told were not possible, from historic investments in our infrastructure, to championing equity in our city, to forging a deal to get our fair share of revenue after we were told it couldn’t be done. And we’ve done it all while improving the city’s finances, making city operations run more efficiently, and better connecting our people with services. We’ve gotten through those challenges and made progress together because we have chosen to be a city that says yes. We’ve said yes to doing the hard work that’s necessary to leave a sustainable city that’s here for future generations. We said yes to putting public health first to protect our people during a global pandemic.