Advertiser: Dr. Ali Sadeghi raises $30,000+ at New Orleans inaugural gala to fight breast cancer

Dr. Ali Sadeghi hosts
“Let’s Hear It For The Girls” breast cancer fundraiser gala
City lights twinkled on the waterfront. Neon windbreakers and leg warmers twirled on the dance floor at La Maison Du Lac on Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans on a beautiful fall night. On the 25th of October, the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery hosted its first “Let’s Hear It For The Girls” Gala to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Complete with a DJ jockeying ’80s dance tunes, delicious food, a photo booth, and a live auction, the event raised over $30,000 for the cause. Though the party was a ball, breast cancer is a serious matter that deserves attention.

Joe Giarrusso: Reflecting Your Interests in the City Budget


You may have seen recent news of the New Orleans City Council adopting the Mayor’s proposed budget.  I am writing before Thanksgiving to emphasize what government did for the people we represent.  The Council and the Mayor worked together to increase critical City services without increasing the City’s millages. In politics, there is a tendency to speak in broad strokes.  The details matter in this case.  There were 90.69 millages belonging to the City and City-related entities before this year’s property assessments.  After skyrocketing assessments, those millages were rolled back by law to 86.09.  The question then was how to upgrade City services without rolling the overall millage rate above 86.09. To answer, we needed to be creative, work collaboratively, and make some difficult choices.  We had to strike the right balance of ensuring the most vital public services were funded (drainage, public safety, and early childhood education) while keeping the City and the City’s related millages at 86.09.  This budget accomplished exactly that. As always, I appreciate the ongoing dialogue, insight, and support received from District A residents and businesses during the budgeting process.  Together, we are improving City government.  My goal is to find common-sense solutions to tough problems.  We did that here. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the budget (the next District A newsletter will be solely dedicated to this topic) or to connect on another issue with my Council office, please call (504) 658-1010 or email

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Business Profile: TPN, a modern clinician referral platform

A New Orleans-based startup is working to match verified behavioral health treatment providers with patients who need their help. The Trusted Provider Network (TPN) platform is just that: an online network of licensed clinicians across the state, connecting their clients with specialists that would benefit them the most. According to their website, “TPN offers a local community with a national reach to providers who meet the highest code of clinical services, ethics, and professional standards.”

CEO Trevor Colhoun, who has a background in capital markets and private equity, saw an opportunity with TPN to fix some of the issues faced when dealing with the behavioral health system. “Two years ago, I started getting very fascinated with behavioral health. We had some family members go through different aspects of the behavioral health path,” Colhoun said.

Advertiser: Stacy Head endorses Aimee Adatto Freeman

I’ve known Aimee for years through her hard work and dedication to making our city a better place in which to live. She is a good government candidate who knows how to get things done and will bring trust and integrity to the Legislature. While most politicians talk about problems, Aimee solves them. She’s been effective in helping the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation work to improve safety, and she will be able to do more in the Legislature. A longtime neighborhood leader, Aimee is a hard worker.

Advertiser: Why You Need Climate-Controlled Storage in New Orleans

The weather in New Orleans can be unpredictable. But if you know Louisiana, one thing you can almost always count on is the heat and humidity. Keeping some things in storage can be difficult because certain items like clothes, artwork, and furniture are more susceptible to damage from extreme changes in temperature from severe heat or cold. That’s why climate-controlled options are necessary for storage in New Orleans. Here are just a few reasons why climate-controlled storage is so critical:

Clothes can easily become mildewed if they are exposed to heat for too long.

Sponsored Message: Carling Dinkler’s Plan for Public Safety

When I talk to voters in District 91, public safety is always a top concern. I believe there are policies and investments we can make to strengthen the safety of our families and our neighborhoods. First, I lost my mom to mental illness and substance abuse. It shook me, and I pledge to work so that no one loses a family member this way. Currently, our jails serve as de facto mental health institutions, creating a cycle of crime and mental health struggles.

A Sponsored Message from Carling Dinkler: Making Early Childhood Education a Priority

In a state that claims to be pro-family, Louisiana has serious work to do to support families and our children, which is why I testified before the Legislature last year on paid family leave.  According to United Way, half of families with children are under the poverty level. This is unacceptable. As a dad to a two-year-old daughter, I understand how important it is to build a solid foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.  We have to invest in her generation at a young age: it is the single most important investment we can make.

A Sponsored Message from House Candidate Carling Dinkler

I’m ready to help improve
infrastructure and drainage. Every day I walk throughout District 91, our neighbors remind me of the need to improve our infrastructure and drainage. Given our geography and the decades of neglect, our infrastructure problems are going to take time and relentless effort to fix. I have the experience working in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures across the country to develop and pass legislation to address community challenges. As our next State Representative, I will go to Baton Rouge and be a tireless advocate for our city to receive the funding it needs and deserves to continue improving drainage, pumping, and street repair.

Sponsored: Top chefs will compete at Liberty’s Kitchen fundraiser

Liberty’s Kitchen will bring chefs, alumni, and supporters together to celebrate ten years of impact at their annual Come Grow With Us fundraiser this Friday, September 20. Chefs from nearly 20 of New Orleans’ hottest restaurants will be serving up signature dishes alongside Liberty’s Kitchen trainees and alumni, and attendees will vote on Best in Show, Most Creative, and Best Presentation. Come Grow With Us is co-chaired by Chef Susan Spicer and Patrick Young, presented by The Ruby Slipper Café, and sponsored by the Ace Hotel, Domain Companies, Steve Rosenfeld and Margot Botsford, as well as dozens of other individuals, organizations and businesses. The event will take place at 7 p.m. at the Ace Hotel, 600 Carondelet St. The night will include an open bar, live music, and a live auction featuring unique culinary experiences around New Orleans.