BUKU Preview: Ambré Perkins

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R&B Singer and New Orleans native Ambré Perkins will be performing her first festival show and first live performance of 2017 at this year’s BUKU Music + Art Project. Perkins said she looks forward to playing in front a broader audience that may be seeking to hear artists they’ve never known prior.

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“It’s very open-minded usually,” Perkins said. “So people go there and they’re open to new artists. Actually, that’s probably what they want to see the most, artists that they’ve never heard of and to experience something different.”

In looking to perform at another New Orleans stage for the first time, Perkins said the city musically influences the sounds she picks and the way she approaches melodies and cadences. Elements of New Orleans conversation and culture can be heard in her sound and her songs’ storytelling.

“Pretty much everything about it (New Orleans) is engraved in me forever,” Perkins said. “Spiritually, I feel like it taught me how to be a real honest person, true to myself and to definitely not take anything from anyone.”

Perkins said that when tourists do come down, something they can pick up on his how natives make them feel at home.

“Because we give that vibe and that’s what I think it brings to my music, that home vibe.”

“Pretty” from Ambré’s album Wanderlust

One of Perkins’ main influences has been fellow New Orleans native artist Frank Ocean and also Kendrick Lamar, helping her to bring attention to her writing, in order to create more of an atmosphere. She said a recent activity of hers has been watching films.

“With each project, I kind of approach the project like I’m making a movie, especially now, going more into detail,” Perkins said. “I like storytelling and I’ve always been that way.”

Perkins plays a 30-minute set at BUKU this Saturday (March 11) at 4 p.m.

“I’m glad to be a part of BUKU and kind of representing for the home team, so it’s a blessing, honor and privilege.”

You can hear Ambré’s most recent album 2090’s and more on SoundCloud.

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