Bacchus announces plans for virtual parade via its own app

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Zach Brien, Uptown Messenger file photo

The Bacchagator signature float rolls down St. Charles Avenue. (Zach Brien, Uptown Messenger file photo)

The Krewe of Bacchus had announced plans to hold its super-parade, before Mayor LaToya Cantrell called off the 2021 parade season. The superkrewe has not given up. It’s just, like many events this year, going virtual.

Clark Brennan, captain of Bacchus, announced Monday that Bacchus will have a virtual parade in 2021 using the new “Throw Me Something Bacchus!” mobile app. The app will be available for download for Apple and Android devices before the 2021 Carnival season begins. In a press release, Bacchus stated it is the first Mardi Gras krewe to develop a mobile app like this for cellphones and tablets.   

“For more than 50 years, the Krewe of Bacchus has been an innovator in building Mardi Gras into the City’s premier event which is enjoyed by millions of New Orleanians and visitors each year” Brennan said. “Though we are disappointed that COVID-19 will change the way Mardi Gras is celebrated in 2021, Bacchus’ latest cutting-edge technology will bring Carnival and New Orleans to every corner of the world in a safe, Covid-free environment.” 

The app was conceived by George Schaiffino, a Bacchus board member and IT professional, and developed by Bacchus member Jason Devillier, an app developer. 

The app gives its users the ability to catch and collect virtual throws every Sunday during Carnival season. Players will be able to create their own avatar, trade throws with other players, and trade select virtual throws for actual throws.

Bacchus is known for its bands as well as its megafloats. (Dinah Rogers, Uptown Messenger file photo)

On Bacchus Sunday (Feb. 14, 2021), users can view a live parade in the app, including  floats, bands, appearances from Bacchus royalty, 2021 throws as the floats roll by to the tunes of our favorite bands. Make the BaccaBoard’s Top 100 players and capture your memories in the app. Follow Bacchus riders for special virtual throws. 

A celebrity master of ceremonies will host the parade, and bands will perform virtually between floats. More than 1,600 Bacchus members will be virtually tossing their float’s signature throws as well as personalized throws.

“We are extremely excited about the ‘Throw Me Something Bacchus!’ mobile app and the impact it will have on this year’s Mardi Gras. It’s a game that families can play together,” said Schiaffino.

“While we are still developing all the app’s special features, we’re certain it will be a hit with people of all ages,” Devillier said.



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