All Things Green and Glittery at ricRACK pt.1 (sponsored)

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ricRACK, 1927 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

The future of second-hand thrift is here!

Since 2012, ricRACK has been a place for the community to learn how to sew, create, grow, imagine, re-use, sustain, and succeed. Founder Alison Parker not only brings high-quality second-hand clothing to the Big Easy, but with it adds sewing classes for all ages and is now adding textile recycling to the mix.

2022 is not only bringing new students and learning, but also a chance for ricRACK to grow and provide more services to the community. Revolutionizing the clothing industry, the prominent consignment shop is introducing textile recycling to the New Orleans metro area. The idea is to turn the scrap fabric and other unwanted textiles into a new usable product, shod, used as stuffing, carpet padding and insulation. Of the 80 million tons of annual textile waste, 85% could be recycled. And for every pound of textile waste in the landfill, 4.3 pounds of greenhouse gases are created.

This year’s pilot program hopes to divert 5000 lbs of fabrics from going into the landfill, but will instead be recycled!

The excitement is clearly palpable when talking about the thrilling opportunities for the upcoming textile recycle programs. ricRACK is also Working on the first batch of recycled Mardi Gras throws with the historic Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Krewe of Themis, and many sub-Krewes. These signature throws will be the first ever to be stuffed with the recycled material shod. They are 100% locally made, by local artists, with 100% recycled materials.

ricRACK is proud to change the way people think about fabric, in it’s 10 years of existence, it’s:

  • Diverted over 7.5 tons of clothing and textiles from landfills, by reusing, repurposing, and recycling
  • Saved the planet 112 tons of greenhouse gases
  • Educated and inspired hundred of youths across the city with workshops and partnerships

“Enough fabric is produced annually to wrap around the planet earth three times,” Alison Parker said. “People would change how they shop if they knew the environmental effect of fashion.”

Putting the focus on serving the larger community of New Orleans, and showcasing individual talent is at the heart of ricRACK. Educating people on the environmentally harmful fast-fashion industry, offering sewing classes for people of all ages, and giving new life to preowned pieces of clothing are just some of the ways that ricRACK gives back to the Crescent City.

Shop mindful and shop local. For more information on the recycling programs, classes, custom work, alterations and more, visit the website at, follow on social media @RICRACKNOLA, or email


RicRACK inc.
(504) 218-5205
Open Wed – Sun: 10am – 6pm
1927 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

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