Hairy Dog offers a hangover-inspired weekend brunch

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Hairy Dog photo

Good dog tots

Hairy Dog, built for hangover recovery, has been serving a weekend brunch since June. A play on the term “hair of the dog that bit you,” Hairy Dog shares space with Secret Birria on Octavia Street.

Breakfast burritos, tater tot bowls and sandwiches are on the menu here. This spot doesn’t serve alcohol; if you would like to enjoy your brunch with the traditional hair of the dog, Hairy Dog is BYOB.

There’s some secrecy surrounding Hairy Dog. It’s owned by the same crew as the Secret Birria taco spot, owners who prefer to remain anonymous and let the food speak (or, in this case, bark) for itself.

I wanted to get the scoop on this spot, and since I couldn’t speak to the owner, I reached out of Hairy Dog’s marketing representative to get some insight into this restaurant.

“Hairy Dog is all about no frills, grab-and-go or chill-out and hang-out brunch food,” said Heidi Dunne Cotton. “If you’re hungover and have munchies, you’re going to want to head over to Hairy Dog and get some tater tots covered in eggs and bacon.”

Cotton said that the restaurant isn’t trying to compete with the fancy brunches that permeate the New Orleans food scene. Instead, the goal of Hairy Dog is to serve a delicious, affordable brunch that everyone can enjoy.

Hairy Dog photo

Labrador burrito

Some customer favorites here are the Good Dog Tots, a tater tot bowl topped with bacon, scrambled eggs, white American cheese, and green onions; the Labrador Burrito made with Jimmy Dean sausage, golden tater tots, scrambled eggs and white American cheese; and the Chihuahua Burrito made with scrambled eggs, golden tater tots, black beans, pico de gallo and ranchero sauce.

Other menu items include an array of sandwiches and avocado toast, and two different types of funnel cake, if you’re in the mood for something on the sweeter side.

If you are too hungover to make it to Hairy Dog to dine in, this spot is on Uber Eats for easy delivery.

Hairy Dog photo

Funnel cake

Hairy Dog is open Friday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Hairy Dog
323 Octavia St.
Instagram: @hairydognola
Facebook: @hairydognola

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