16 thoughts on “Lafayette No. 1 has been padlocked for two years. What are its chances of opening soon?

  1. I have been waiting for almost two years for the cemetery to open in order to maintain my Great, Great Grandfathers tomb. The NO mayor from California I believe is taking orders from the Deep State to make New Orleans citizens mad as hell by closing this cemetary. The so called repairs have been completed and I see no reason for the cemetery to remain closed.

    • Charles contact the City to make an appointment. Please see below for information:

      Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is currently CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC while repairs and improvements take place. Family members of those interred in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 may make an appointment to visit the cemetery by calling (504) 658-3781.

  2. I must give deep credit to the Messenger for being way out front of the reporting on this issue, but must also point out there are still several talking points with no factual basis.

    St. Louis #1 is closed indefinitely, with plans to give the company that runs hop-on hop-off buses a TOTAL MONOPOLY when it re-opens. Please do accurate research and correct the story.

    Please be journalistic, not vague and describing a carnival atmosphere. We’re talking about 4-5 soliciting tour guides that could easily be ticketed under present rules if the city enforced them. There is absolutely no need for a closure and it doesn’t accomplish anything, do not print shadowy vague references, on any other topic it’s impossible to imagine journalism using such terms as “carnival” when all they can say is a pedi-cab had a speaker blaring music? That’s far from a carnival, that’s many parts of the city on any given day. It’s these type of talking points politicians are using. Everything those politicians have said has proved false, yet the article is riddled with their lingo. Stick to the facts, when you do, you do very well. When you stray, you lose sight of the truth, and it shows.|

    Kristen Palmer has a tomb in the cemetery, and she’ll make changes to the rules if elected and has said so. Very relevant to the story, don’t play politics, write the reality.

  3. The public reason given for the closure at present, I have this in writing from Martha Griset, is “awaiting legislation”. First it was “repairs,” then “Covid,” now you print that maybe we’re getting a hint? So, you are admitting that city officials have lied about this closure. Without repairs, they have no legal reason to close it at all. The media is tip-toeing around the truth for access and not simply saying this closure is illegal when it is on its face. You can’t play it cute and escape the reality, someone needs to hold those in power accountable, that’s the job.

  4. Great that the Messenger is writing about this important subject, even though many of the city’s claims can be disproven on their face and should not be included:
    * the walkways are no different than a building hallway except it’s exterior. so social distancing is impossible in any such space? that’s not true of any other city property, a wild unproven claim. I wish those of us with no power had the same standard for having our words printed… even in the comments section ; )
    * no facts cited for overcrowding, so what’s the justification for closure on this grounds based on? City officials are allowed to make up reasons, and switch between them, without being asked for any evidence at all.
    * no facts cited for carnival atmosphere other than someone playing music. if you wrote the facts in a normal factual manner, it’s 4-5 tour guides soliciting for tours. “Hey take a free tour!” The reason they don’t want to define that is because that could easily be stopped by present laws, doesn’t require a closure at all. Instead, shadowy talking points are being used to manufacture a crisis and demonize a whole industry.
    * The words of Mr. Florence were used entirely misrepresent his actual position — which is acknowledged in the last line you quote. While he acknowledges the 4-5 solicitors mentioned and ACTUAL issues, he would not agree at all with the over-the-top characterizations the city mentions in this article and I’m sure explained many compelling reasons not to close the cemetery, not listed here. I’m glad we finally get some call for comment from the other side so lacking on this subject, but it’s been gutted and transformed against itself, hasn’t it?

    (Can’t seem to understand the website’s comment policy, and obviously other readers having same issue. Mine seemed to go up and be deleted, so I am re-posting, not trying to post multiples.)

  5. Glad to see the comments showing such dissatisfaction. More complaints: who decided to name the paths and erect signs? There is a plaque on what once was the caretaker’s cabin. It contains names of politicians who will never get a vote from me. This monstrosity is replacing the caretaker’s cabin that was used for many years, whereas this expensive second installment is not in use; if it were used, that would be more useless expense. But this all actually fits into the scenery: torn up streets, work with topnotch equipment that is at a snail’s pace compared to third world speed with hand tools..

  6. People who own the Tombs, because they paid money for the Tomb, have complete fair access to their property. When they bury their “People”, they pay more money to the city and Grave Attendants.
    My Family Tomb had 2 nice vases at one time. Where are they now? Theft is an issue; Vandalism too. I would like a nice vase of Marble too, when I go in there. I have to wonder if it will disappear, as well.
    I want people in there, who belong there.
    Just because the “city” manages this property that was Donated for this purpose, does not mean every Resident who pays taxes should have access the Cemetery. Profiteers are disgusting, exploitation is sacrilegious with no respect for the dead. The curious can remain so, or visit one of the other cemeteries in the city, that are controlled with security personnel “around”.
    When most come to Gawk, and play on the land of the dead, this does not make any since.
    Why don’t you go where your people are? and dance around? or have a Fiesta time?
    Because it’s sad and disrespectful to the dead.
    I think the city is doing a wonderful job managing this property.

    • Who comes to “gawk” at a 10am historic Garden District tour? They come to hear a detailed history of Civil War, Reconstruction, and see wonderful architectural styles. Are people “gawking” at the Charles McClellan tomb because he’s so famous? These claims don’t hold up to even the slightest inspection. Folks who make them are just so privileged they’re not used to even having to prove their work.

      Those who want to keep such historic treasures for the privileged few, under the pretense that a working class person even looking at them might damage them, is indecent. They want to change the historic use of the cemetery — a main component of preservation by any standard — and yet claim they are in favor of preservation.

      No one gets to prioritize THEIR religion on public land, and claim some sort of sacred rights. It’s true I don’t respect that a space is sacred because I don’t believe in your god and neither do our laws. It reminds me of the baker who sued a man for smelling his bread… they don’t even want you to be able to see the historic treasures that they consider “theirs” by right of being “our people” — hm and do 99% of those people happen to be white? You can feel it all seething in their comments. In reality, we’re dealing with folks so wealthy and privileged they don’t even like it if a tour guest says hello to them in passing down the sidewalk like a normal person. They’d like to never even have to deal with the working class average person, can’t someone pass a law? This is the kind of “disturbance” of their “sacred rights” they’d like to prevent — and in private they say so.

  7. I want to visit family graves in Lafayette NO. 1. I visited these graves as a child and young adult. I am now 79 and want to resume regular visits for All Saint’s Day, Christmas, and Easter. I am in an electric wheelchair. My husband and daughter will accompany me. Will we be safe? Should we be armed or have a guard with us? Are flowers allowed?

    • Thank you for contacting us, Ms. Williamson. Family members of those interred in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 can make an appointment to visit the cemetery by calling the city’s cemeteries division at 504-658-3781. They should also be able to answer your questions about what is allowed during the visit. Our best to you and your family.

  8. Hello,
    My husband and I live in St. Louis, MO. We will be visiting New Orleans Sept 28-Oct 3. My great-grandfather is buried in Lafayette Cemetery #1. His name is Stephen Dehlinger (Dellinger). He died of “consumption” (Tuberculosis) on January 11, 1845. We would like to visit the cemetery.
    Please advise how we can visit while we are in New Orleans.
    Thank you,
    Patti Sohn 314-406-5312

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