CR Coffee Shop debuts new location in Armstrong International Airport (sponsored)

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Vino Volo and CR Coffee Shop products in new MSY Moisant Market

CR Coffee Shop is overjoyed to announce the MSY airport location is open for business. The fully operational location is part of Moisant Market, the namesake marketplace boasting local products from CR Coffee Shop, Nola Couture and more.

New Orleans is now home to the new flagship Vino Volo store front, as the largest restaurant and store of Vino Volo in the country, it’s sure to attract visitors from all over the world. The new Moisant Market is now offering wines from across the globe, handcrafted local clothing products, snacks, and high quality beverages and pastries from CR Coffee Shop.

Kevin Delloile, director of the new MSY airport, wanted to make sure smaller local operators have a fair shake to associate with larger entities, saying “Moisant Market is the perfect middle point in the new terminal, where you can feel the spirit of New Orleans through the local brands.” The new MSY location for CR coffee shop boasts the freshly ground coffee New Orleans has come to love, signature beverages, and in the coming weeks EatFit Nola food options for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect way to feel grounded in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a busy airport.

Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

“It’s so much fun for me to hear how happy our regular customers are to now be able to get our coffee right before they leave and right when they get back. It’s their flavor of home when they’re traveling,” Kevin Pedeaux, proud owner of CR Coffee Shop.

“We love communities like New Orleans, local flavor is what our travelers want,” said Gregg Paradies when speaking on the new expansion of CR Coffee Shop. The US travel retailer and restaurateur is aimed at “giving opportunities to local companies to be the first and last impression for travelers.” Visitors from all over the world can purchase last minute gifts of fresh roasted coffee, teas and more that will bring back memories of true New Orleans flavour.

Special thanks to MSY Director Kevin Delloile and airport restaurateur/travel retailer Gregg Paradies, for their promise to promote local businesses and encourage travelers to support homegrown brands.

CR Coffee Shop is dedicated to supporting the local community, bringing fresh experiences and sharing a cup of joy one sip at a time. To shop online, show support, or keep up with CR, please visit or find CR on Instagram @CRcoffeeshop.

CR Coffee Shop new location at MSY Airport

CR Coffee Shop
3618 Magazine St. New Orleans, 70115

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