5 thoughts on “Viewpoint: MAGA activist Scott Presler woos New Orleans Republicans

  1. This opinion piece is how reporting should be. No bias, no unnecessary protected characteristics brought up, just solid information. Loved it.

  2. Loved the piece, informative and unbiased journalism, thank you a breath of fresh air. Sounds like Mr. Presler is making an impact across this country, I will is a great attitude.

  3. Scott, I see you will be in Horry County in July! Wonder if we could have you do another presentation? I am President of the Loris/Longs Republican Women’s Club in Loris, SC which is Horry County. We are a brand new group in a marvelously beautiful location and in our effort to grow and be known, we are working on getting exciting speakers…which you, of course, are. We have a bed and breakfast on site with a pool I am sure you would enjoy. I would be looking at a date in June….specifically the 24th if that is at all possible. Please let me know.

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