Red Beans & Rouses partners with local churches to help feed neighborhoods (sponsored)

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Red Beans & Rouses workers prep community meals.

New Orleans traditions are here to stay!

Every year, Rouses Markets donates millions of pounds of food to local food banks, food pantries, and community fridges. “I appreciate and love the way our stores and the neighborhoods they serve work together to support one another, and make sure that everyone has enough food to eat,” said Marcy Nathan, Rouses Markets’ creative director.

Rouses Markets has always supported local nonprofit organizations, schools and churches working to make their neighborhoods better places to live and work. Recently they started a new community initiative, Red Beans & Rouses, in partnership with churches all over New Orleans.

Rev. Douglas Taylor delivering a Red Beans & Rouses bag to a Bethel AME church member.

Rouses Markets provides and delivers the ingredients for Monday red beans, which the churches distribute to their congregations after Sunday services.

“Sunday services and Monday red beans are both about community, and tradition,” Nathan said. Red beans are an essential part of New Orleans culture that goes back to the days before washing machines were invented. On Monday, laundry day, cooks would let the evening’s pot of red beans simmer on the back  burner while they washed.

Bethel AME Secretary Claudette Sislo and Sister Stephanie Brooks assembling Red Beans and Rouses bags for their church community.

McNally Sislo, Rouses Markets’ creative manager, helped coordinate and make the first round of deliveries to nearly a dozen churches. “It felt so good carrying those boxes of food into those churches, and knowing we were helping our neighbors. And what New Orleanian doesn’t love red beans and rice?”

The Red Beans & Rouses community bags include Rouses dried red kidney beans, Rouses long grain rice, smoked sausage, yellow onions, seasoning mix, and cornbread mix.

“We feel blessed, thankful, and excited to receive these Rouses donation bags for our church’s whole congregation,” said the Rev. Dr. Stephanie Taylor, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Bethel AME has served the historic 9th Ward for over 100 years.

Greater Liberty Baptist Church with Pastor Calvin Woods and a helpful parishioner.

Central Missionary Baptist Church with Pastor Byron Johnson and his wife Helen Johnson.

S.t Paul’s Lutheran Church with Pastor Warren Lattimore.

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