Sponsored: Clerk Chelsey Richard Napoleon – Sworn in as a Member of the Board of Directors

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As we continue our efforts to outreach and inform the community as to who we are as your Clerk of Civil District Court’s office, we proudly announce that your Clerk, the Honorable Chelsey Richard Napoleon, has been sworn in as a member of the Board of Directors for the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association by the Honorable Jon A. Gegenheimer, Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court. Thank you to Clerk Gegenheimer for swearing in Clerk Napoleon.

Clerk Napoleon’s membership on the board provides exciting opportunities to network with clerks of court across the State of Louisiana and participate in the advancement of policies throughout the state.

About the Civil Division of Orleans Parish Civil District Court

Civil District Court is a court of general civil jurisdiction. Unlike other Louisiana parish courts, Orleans Parish Civil and Criminal District Courts are legally distinct and located in separate buildings. All suits, pleadings, exhibits, wills, promissory notes, etc. pertaining to actions initiated or pending in the Civil District Court are filed with the Clerk of Civil District Court. 

About the Land Records Division

All property transactions pertaining to ownership of real estate (land) and to all encumbrances or liens upon it, property settlements, judgements of possession, building contracts, leases, and UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) for Orleans Parish are recorded in the Land Records Division of the Clerk’s Office.

Persons searching for documents related to history of ownership and debts or encumbrances against a property can use one of the public computers in the research area to access mortgage and conveyance information. 

About the Notarial Archives Research Center

The Office of the Clerk of Civil District Court’s Notarial Archives Research Center is known world-wide for documents spanning the last three hundred years. Our collection of public records contains information that can be easily accessed for a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, genealogy, sociology, architecture, art, civics, economics, foreign languages, and science. 

For more information about the Clerk of Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans’ office, visit www.orleanscivilclerk.com


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